Child Facing Bully Troubles

How can I get a kid at my school to stop picking on me? He's constantly harassing me and making my life miserable. Can you tell me what to do about this?

We’re sorry this is happening to you. The first thing to do is talk to your parents, even if this is a little embarrassing. Your mom or dad should contact the school and let the administration know they’re concerned and insist that something be done about this situation.

Maybe you could also ask a teacher or school counselor for help. We realize this might not be easy, especially if the bully has threatened to do something worse if you tell on him. If that’s already happened, we recommend that you be extra careful. Without letting the bully know what you’re doing, look for an opportunity to tell someone what’s going on. Maybe a school administrator or security person could keep an eye on the bully and catch him in the act. That way, he won’t realize that you had anything to do with it. It’s possible that he’s victimizing other students as well.

Sometimes bullies pick on kids who don’t seem to have many friends. If that’s your situation, we’d encourage you to try to make a few more friends. You might join a school club or try out for choir or drama. Some schools have groups where students have a chance to meet other kids and practice their social skills. This is important, since those who hang out in groups are less likely to be targeted by bullies. If things don’t improve right away, don’t give up. It could take some time for your efforts to succeed.

Another option would be to take a self-defense class. Many organizations such as the YMCA or the Boys and Girls Club offer free or low-cost martial arts classes that will help build your confidence and teach you how to stand up for yourself. If you have a Physical Education teacher or coach you trust, you might ask him or her for referrals to such classes in your neighborhood.

If you or your parents would like to talk to someone about this, call our staff counselors here at Focus. They’d be more than happy to take your call. There’s no cost to you for this; it’s our way of showing that we care.


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