I received an e-mail about a movie titled “Corpus Christi.”

I received an e-mail about a petition to ban a movie titled "Corpus Christi" that portrays Jesus as a homosexual. Is there really such a film?

A number of our friends have inquired about one of the latest urban legends sweeping the Internet — or in this case, the most recent incarnation of a persistent rumor that’s been making the rounds for more than two decades.

Although the information in the e-mail you received has been circulating in various forms for more than two decades, there is no valid petition, e-mail-based or otherwise, to protest the release of an alleged film project of this nature.

According to our research, there was a resurgence of this urban legend in the late 1990s, largely due to misunderstandings created by a couple of unrelated projects. At that time, a stage play titled “Corpus Christi” was written by Terrance McNally. This offensive work featured a main character representing a modern Jesus-like figure and contained strong homosexual themes. McNally’s stage drama continues to be performed in various theatres around the world, generating considerable controversy with each engagement.

Adding to the potential confusion, a French documentary film series titled Corpus Christi was released about the same time that McNally’s play debuted, but its subject matter is entirely different. The French series was made available on DVD in 2006.

To summarize, at this point there apparently have been no credible attempts to develop a movie based on the McNally play — or any other source — that portrays a “gay Jesus.”

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