What Bible translations does Focus recommend?

I heard that Focus on the Family doesn't recommend gender-neutral Bible translations. What translations does Focus recommend?

Since Focus does not employ textual or translation experts, we have relied on outside scholars for advice regarding Bible translations — notably the conservative leaders who signed the Colorado Springs Guidelines for Translation in 1997. Based on their input, we use or recommend the following Bible versions:

Gender-Specific Bible Translations

These are essentially literal, “word-for-word” translations.

  • KJV King James Version
  • NKJV New King James Version
  • NASB New American Standard Bible
  • ESV English Standard Version
  • HCSB Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • RSV Revised Standard Version
  • AMP Amplified Bible
  • NIrV New International Reader’s Version
  • LSB Legacy Standard Bible
  • NET New English Translation

Gender-Specific Bible Paraphrases

These are culturally adapted imaginative renderings of the Bible. (Always use a paraphrase alongside one or more of the above “regular” Bible translations. Paraphrases can be helpful as a form of commentary or for inspiration, but they shouldn’t be the only source of Bible reading.)

  • LB The Living Bible (paraphrased by Kenneth Taylor)
  • MSG The Message (paraphrased by Eugene Peterson)


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