What is Pokemon, and what does Focus think of it?

My child likes Pokémon. What does Focus think of it? Does Focus have online reviews of the movies?

“Pok√©mon,” the Japanese phenomenon that began as a video game, has since spawned a TV series, several movies, numerous toys and collectibles, comic books, and a trading card game that has become wildly popular in the U.S.

While some of the claims of demonic influences in Pokémon seem overblown, our staff does have concerns about the potential impact of this form of entertainment on its intended audience of impressionable 8- to 11-year old children.

Collecting is the name of the game in Pokémon. This can involve the investment of exorbitant amounts of time and money, especially for young people. In their desire to continually increase the value of their collection, we feel kids could develop something of an addiction to this fad.

So while we’re not convinced that Pok√©mon is inherently evil, we do believe there may be better uses for a child’s time and money. We urge concerned parents to evaluate the game for themselves before allowing their children to buy the merchandise.

Finally, the Focus on the Family Plugged In staff has reviewed some of the Pokémon movies that have been released in the U.S. Follow the links below for more details about each movie and the soundtrack.

Access entertainment reviews online at our Plugged In Web site.
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