Frequently Asked Questions Launch

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily! Launch into the Teen Years’ content was designed to be flexible, so you can use it in a way that suits your family’s needs.

There are six segments of content, and each segment discusses different topics in depth. You can cover sections on your own timetable based on your child’s development and experiences. You may decide to discuss some topics immediately and save other topics for a later discussion.

You can also consider your relationship with your child, as well as the time you have available as you determine how much content to cover in each sitting.

Based on research and professional experience, Launch into the Teen Years is designed for children between 8 and 12 years old.

It’s never too early to prepare your preteen for adolescence, especially with all the physical, mental, and emotional changes your child will go through. Just make sure to consider your preteen’s unique emotional and relational development before you start.

Launch into the Teen Years comes with a Parent’s Guide. It’s designed to help you know how to best use Launch’s content with your preteen.

Also, parents don’t have to provide or create content on their own. So don’t worry! The Parent’s Guide will take you through thoughtful parent-child conversations based on each video. The guide also provides opportunities for you to draw from your own experiences as you approach difficult topics with your child.

Multiple sessions cover things like puberty and sexual anatomy in-depth. However, Launch focuses on providing a healthy biblical foundation, so this information is provided with God’s truth in mind.

8 to 12 year olds are at the proper age to discuss these topics. Because puberty generally begins at this time, it’s beneficial for your son or daughter to understand specific terminology and anatomy. You can decide how much explanation is necessary within these conversations based on your relationship with your child.

Multiple Launch sessions contain direct and indirect discussions addressing sexual intercourse. Specifically, there is one session about God’s design for sexual intercourse between one male and one female within the context of marriage. Additionally, there are specific breakout sessions for “only boys” and “only girls” that parents can discuss with their preteen.

Most importantly, the discussion about sex builds upon previous discussions about puberty and anatomy to provide context and content for your preteen. Consider your relationship with your son or daughter to determine how much detailed explanation is necessary.

A Christian worldview is the central foundation for all content within Launch. You and your preteen will discuss specific issues within the culture, but the culture does not provide the content.

Sessions emphasize biblical principles with a culturally relevant perspective. This will help effectively prepare your preteen for the adolescent years.  

Both parents don’t need to be present for every session, but there are benefits if both parents are consistently involved. Each parent brings a unique perspective to the conversation that the other may not. There are also specific insights a father can provide a son and a mother can provide a daughter. As you move through the Launch content, consider how your child responds differently to you and your spouse to make the best decision for their development.