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When Gender Issues Enter Your World

Focus on the Family’s Thriving Values Team is grateful to be able to help you
deal with this difficult issue.


When you download your complimentary copy of “When Transgender Issues Enter Your World,” you’ll find that this resource:

  • Explains the basics of this difficult issue;
  • Illustrates how it affects our culture;
  • Describes some of the ideology; and
  • Defines some transgender terminology.

The resource addresses three scenarios where you may encounter transgender issues: your child’s school; private spaces, such as dressing rooms, showers and restrooms; and your family – when a family member identifies as other than male or female. We offer some ideas and guidance for dealing with each situation. Along the way, we will also point you toward many other helpful resources that go deeper in addressing this topic from a Christian worldview.

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We count it a privilege that you’ve turned to us for information and help.

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