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Costa Rica Date With Dad

I want to express to you that it has been a great blessing for our family to have access to all the content of the Enfoque App. In the app, you have such a good variety of content and such a large amount, all made so professionally, that many times it is difficult for us to decide which topic to study!

We have two beautiful daughters, one is 24 years old, she has already finished her college and works in the medical field. My youngest daughter is 18 years old, she is studying her first year of college. Once a week, sometimes twice, we meet as a family to watch something in the Enfoque app and study a topic. We ask our daughters what is the topic that they would like to study, we agree on what to watch/listen to, and we spend a good amount of time learning from our virtual pastor, Sixto Porras. And we all enjoy it!

I never miss the opportunity to share with my relatives and friends what a blessing it is to listen to all of your conferences, at any time, through the Enfoque App.


Focus on the Family Indonesia hosted a special event in a women’s prison in the capital city of Jakarta. The Mother-Teen Connection event included a catered lunch and a presentation from Focus staff about the important role that mothers play in lives of their children.

The women were deeply affected by chance to spend quality time with their sons. One mother shared, “I am so happy to be here with my son. I got to know what is in his heart. All this time I felt distance, and had no idea of his desire. I hope my son can be a successful person.”

The Ministry of Justice  and Human Rights that runs the prison was so pleased with the program that they have signed an agreement to work with Focus Indonesia on more events. They recognized the value of reminding the inmates of purpose, and of the importance of family. They saw the program as a huge breakthrough in helping hurting families thrive.

Focus on the Family Singapore’s Date With Dad event creates a unique environment for dads to spend quality time with their daughters. This outing has become their signature event, and has inspired similar events in Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Costa Rica. It has also been spun off other events for churches and for fathers serving time in jail.

It is more than a dinner, more than a dance. The Date With Dad gives participants time to laugh, time for conservation, games, music, and the fathers reading heartfelt letters to their daughters. Every year hundreds of young women are able to celebrate their connection with their fathers and make a memory that both sides can hold on to.

“So thankful and glad I did not miss this with my daughter. Thank you once again, Focus on the Family Singapore for organising this.”

Focus on the Family Singapore reaches tens of thousands of people every year through their full slate of events for students, parents, couples, and churches. These face-to-face events foster a very strong connection between their constituents and their staff. Offices in the Focus on the Family’s Global Partnership establish themselves as a trusted, compassion guide and builds meaningful connections with the families we serve.

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