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The Foster Care Prayer Guide

24 Groups of People to Pray for in Your Community

If your community is like most, the foster care system where you live is overwhelmed with need:

  • There are more children in foster care than there are foster families available to care for them.
  • There are more children awaiting adoption than there are adoptive families ready to adopt them.
  • There are more families in the system breaking apart than there are resources to help keep them together.

We often approach overwhelming need with a commitment to try harder and do more. But what happens when we realize that our doubled-down efforts are not making nearly the impact that the kids in the community need us to make? It’s at those times we realize we need something — or rather someone — who is much more powerful than we are to intervene. That is what this guide is all about. It’s about people humbly coming to the God of the Universe and asking Him to guide and strengthen every person involved in the life of a child in foster care.

This guide will walk you through 24 different groups of people all associated with the foster care system that need each of our prayers. We do so believing that God will hear those prayers and provide more than enough for the children and families in our communities.

1) Children in Foster Care

Pray that children in your community would know they are loved by God and understand that He desires to be in a relationship with them.

2) Biological Families

Pray that biological parents in your state would have the strength they need to face their circumstances and that they always keep the best interests of their children in mind.

3) Churches

Pray that your church will choose a specific way to care for children in foster care based on the strengths of those within your congregation.

4) Foster Parents

Pray for endurance and strength for foster parents in your community as they invite children into their families.

5) Adoptive Parents

Pray that potential adoptive parents in your community listen to the Lord’s direction as they pursue adoption of a particular child.

6) Child Welfare Professionals

Pray that social workers would have the emotional support to care for their own families well in the midst of giving so much of themselves to the families in your community.

7) Organizational & Church Ministry Leaders

Pray that the fruit of their hard work would serve as an inspiration to others in your community

8) Counselors & Therapists

Pray that counselors and therapists in your community would work hard to discover what is best to help children in foster care, foster parents, social workers, birth families, and other individuals involved in foster care.

9) Teachers

Pray that teachers in local schools in your community would be aware of the unique needs children in foster care may have and that teachers would have the tools and knowledge required to respond to these needs.

10) Lawyers & Judges

Pray that lawyers and judges would seek justice and would see the case through the eyes of the children being impacted in foster care in their community.

11) Law Enforcement Officers

Pray that the law enforcement officers in your community would be well equipped to engage in their roles as protectors of the weak, including children who experience abuse or neglect.

12) Kinship Caregivers

Pray that your church and your state would support kinship caregivers in your community well, whether they are informal, formal or voluntary caregivers.

13) Researchers & Policy Analysts

Pray for researchers and policy analysts to understand how the data they are finding connects to policies and practices that can lead to transformation.

14) Journalists

Pray that local journalists would report in such a way that those in foster care and their foster parents and biological parents will not feel that their stories have been violated, but that truth and justice have prevailed.

15) Classmates

Pray for the kids in foster care in your local schools that they would find friends and encounter compassionate teachers who will help them through tough transitions.

16) Adults Who Have Abused or Neglected Children

Pray that they will confess, repent and seek healing, reconciliation and forgiveness while coming to terms with the consequences of their actions.

17) Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs)

Pray that God would raise up people within your community to become CASA volunteers so that every child has someone to speak up for them in court.

18) Elected Officials

Pray that the President, legislators, governors, mayors and other elected officials in your community will use their power and influence to protect the weak and vulnerable.

19) Respite Care Providers

Pray that just as they provide rest and relief to foster and adoptive families; that they will also experience rest and relief in their own lives.

20) Foster Care Advocates

Pray that God would raise up a team of advocates in every church in your community who are passionate about speaking up for children in foster care.

21) Siblings

Pray that siblings are able to remain together in safe and nurturing environments while in foster care within your community

22) Health Care Professionals

Pray that health care professionals at local hospitals would have the time and resources needed to holistically care for children in foster care.

23) Mentors & Mentees

Pray that God would provide a mentor for every child in foster care in your county.

24) Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

Pray that every youth who ages out of the foster care system in your community would have the resources necessary to survive and to thrive as an adult living on their own.