New to Launch

New to Launch

Talking to your preteen about things like sex, dating, and identity can feel awkward. But these conversations are so important as you help your child build a strong foundation for life.

Launch into the Teen Years will help you tackle uncomfortable topics, create necessary boundaries, and teach your child to manage their emotions. While doing all this, you can become a source of love and grace while pointing your child to the ultimate source of truth: God.

New conversations come up every day when your child is growing up. They experience things at school, at youth group, or even in the news, that they aren’t always prepared for. You may not be prepared either. But Launch into the Teen Years prepares you to confront those difficult topics that suddenly arrive.

Whether it’s a sudden unexpected conversation about sexuality or a difficulty with a dating relationship, you can respond to the situation with wisdom and confidence.

Finally, Launch into the Teen Years equips you to guide your son and daughter to be a contributor to their world rather than a consumer of their world. This means that your preteen will learn to encourage and support others instead of looking for what others can do for them.