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Is there hope for the modern day family?

The answer is an unequivocal yes! When you give today, you’ll help equip marriages and parents with biblical resources that will strengthen, protect and encourage them in an increasingly complicated world.


Doing Family God’s Way.

The world today is changing more rapidly than ever. But one thing hasn’t changed — God’s design for the family is the building block for our communities and our nation. We believe that marriage and parenting are the cornerstones of what makes a family, and we desire to help equip you in these areas.

Families need Hope.

We live in a time when broken families have become the norm as a culture attempts to redefine marriage and parenting. Nearly half of marriages today end in divorce. Parental authority is under fire, and children are exposed to gender confusion and hyper-sexuality.

How does Jesus help us in our Marriage and Parenting?

Our passion at Focus on the Family is to come alongside families with biblical resources to save marriages and equip parents well to strengthen families. When couples and parents put God first, there can be redemption and healing. Christ-centered marriages and parenting make families and communities stronger!

“Your episodes are so helpful for me as I grow in my walk with the Lord and with my husband.”

—Julie, Focus on the Family broadcast listener

“We learned so much. Our marriage was restored. We still apply things we learned to our marriage. Thank you.”

—Rebekah, participant, Hope Restored marriage intensive

Help empower families and transform our culture!

Your gift of $30 today will  help save a marriage or strengthen a family through biblical resources such as our daily broadcasts, podcasts, counseling resources, print and online materials and much more.