Parenting Inside Look

Tools to Help Your Family Grow

Thanks to your ongoing support, our Parenting team has been busy creating resources that help families navigate life with a biblically-based compass.

BRING YOUR BIBLE TO SCHOOL DAY and LIVE IT CHALLENGE – For years, the Bring Your Bible to School Day® event (October 1 this year) has empowered Christian students of all ages to be a light by taking one simple step — bringing their Bible to school and talking about it with friends. This year, your support has helped us develop an opportunity to take their efforts to another level – through the “LIVE IT” Challenge. Participants receive monthly challenges all year with practical ways to help them live out their faith in positive, practical ways.

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY CLUBHOUSE – Here’s the most exciting recent development – salvations for kids! Our magazine team reported that they’ve sent out 83 Adventures in Odyssey Bibles to kids who accepted Christ through the magazine in recent months. Praise God! Also, our Focus on the Family Clubhouse® and Focus on the Family Clubhouse, Jr.® magazines for kids have been supplemented in recent issues with activities to keep children busy during lockdowns. We have responded to several hundred letters from readers over the past few months.

PLUGGED IN – The Plugged In® website has always offered blogs and reviews that help you and your family make family appropriate entertainment choices and navigate today’s pop culture. Over the past few months, the entire site has been given a facelift and we’ve added a podcast. Recently to address the social unrest in our society, the Plugged In team put together a list of films that address the topic of racism in age-appropriate ways. Here’s a link if you want to take a look “Movies to Help Your Family Talk About Racism.”

THE OFFICIAL AVERAGE BOY PODCAST – We have good news for fans of “The Official Average Boy™ Podcast”. We just completed Season 3! You can keep laughing your way through lessons about God and topics like technology, reading the Bible, handling peer pressure, finding identity in Christ, sibling relationships, and being part of God’s body.