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Has abortion hurt you? Maybe you regret having an abortion, mourn that you contributed to the decision, or grieve because you weren’t considered at all. If you’re feeling weary and powerless about what you can do to save mothers from this devastating decision, you’re not alone. And you don’t have to feel this way. Through our Option Ultrasound program, women considering abortion have the choice to meet their pre-born child before making a life-altering decision—and you can give them that choice.



Like you, Focus on the Family cares deeply about giving women facing unexpected pregnancies an informed choice, offered in truth and grace.  In abortion clinics, the ultrasound is rarely, if ever shown. Our 100% donor-funded Option Ultrasound program equips pregnancy medical clinics with ultrasound machines, nurses’ sonography training, and other capacity-building grants so that women considering abortion can see their child.

And when women get the choice to see and hear their pre-born child, amazing things happen.

  • More than 54% of women considering abortion who receive counseling and an ultrasound choose life.
  • Since 2004, more than 472,000 women have chosen life for their babies.
  • Option Ultrasound is the only comprehensive program that sends an onsite consultant to help clinics with implementing improved standards of care to provide high quality services to the women they serve.

“When I was in my early 20’s, I did not know the Lord. I found myself pregnant twice within a two-year span. I ended up having two abortions. I want to think that if someone has reached out to me in love, and I had the opportunity to see the babies, I would have chosen LIFE. I am so thrilled to support a ministry that I believe operates in the true LOVE of GOD!”

–Deena, West Virginia, Option Ultrasound Life Advocate


You Can Help Moms Choose Life for Their Babies!


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Every $60 you give helps one mother considering abortion choose life for her baby and defends the sanctity of life!

Seriously! With Option Ultrasound, when women facing an unexpected pregnancy receive counseling and see an ultrasound, 1 in 2 women choose life.

Not becoming an Option Ultrasound Life Advocate who gives monthly could limit the help pregnancy resource centers receive. In turn, those centers wouldn’t be able to increase the support and counsel they offer to women facing unexpected pregnancies. Without seeing their babies on an ultrasound, these women in crisis may choose abortion.

Giving women facing unexpected pregnancies the option to see their pre-born baby and choose life, depends on your monthly support!

By giving monthly as an Option Ultrasound Program Life Advocate, you will help women in crisis see their unborn children in the womb and choose life for their babies. Your support provides pregnancy resource centers with important technology and training to help women considering an abortion choose life. By giving them the gift of an ultrasound, your financial support allows women to see life inside their bodies, choose to keep their babies, and avoid years of pain and regret. Your support creates a win-win-win — for the baby, for the woman, and for the pregnancy resource centers. That’s standing up as a voice for life! And as you learn more about sharing your pro-life views in grace-filled ways, you’ll encourage more people to join you in this lifesaving, life-giving movement.


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