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Ultrasound scans make a difference! Since 2004, Option Ultrasound has saved an estimated 390,000 precious lives!

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Beginning The Process

Focus sets high standards for Option Ultrasound clinics to ensure that women receive the care they need, just when they need it most.  Whether you are a new clinic or a clinic that has been serving for many years, we want to come alongside you with a comprehensive grant package.  We offer grants for centers to convert to a medical clinic, nurse’s sonography training or ultrasound machines.  We look forward to partnering with you as you serve your community!

What are the First Steps in the Option Ultrasound Process?

The Option Ultrasound Program (OUP) provides grants to qualifying pregnancy medical clinics for 80% of the cost of an ultrasound machine or sonography training for your medical personnel. Your organization will benefit in multiple ways by completing the required elements of the program.

In order to be considered for an Option Ultrasound grant, an organization must be located in a community with a high abortion rate and seeking to reach abortion-minded women. Here are the criteria for determining if a particular organization qualifies as being in a high abortion community.

External Criteria

  1. Organization directly serves a metro city population of 300,000 or more.
  2. Public funding for abortion is available in the state beyond funding for rape, incest, or "life of the mother."
  3. The state is graded A or B by NARAL's Report Card, indicating that state abortion laws are lax in protection of babies and women.
  4. Four or more public abortion providers that actively market their abortion services are located in the city the organization serves.
  5. City has a 4-year university with a student body of 15,000 or more students (age 18-26, excluding online students), that's a target audience the organization will serve.
  6. Must have a paid Nurse Manager (minimum of 20 hours a week).
  7. Minimum operating budget of $125,000.

Subjective Criteria

  1. Special circumstances: the city has been targeted by a large abortion provider or Planned Parenthood for high-volume abortions.

Internal Criteria

  1. Leadership (staff and board) of PRC/PMC is committed to reaching/serving at risk women as its primary mission and this is reflected in their mission statement, programs and client marketing initiatives. If changes are needed in the areas specified above, the organization desires to make changes to realign services to reflect the at risk women as primary client.
  2. Leadership (staff and board) demonstrates a teachable spirit and desires to grow/strengthen their organization by employing standards of excellence in all areas.
  3. Organization shows evidence of financial stability. This will be evidenced by the organization's ability to budget well and raise necessary funds for the last two years. In addition, the leadership must be prepared to build out a proactive development plan to raise the needed funds to sustain a medical clinic.

If you think your organization meets these criteria, we welcome you to complete the Option Ultrasound Community Assessment Tool and submit it to our staff to initiate the first step in your application.

Please Note: the final determination as to whether or not an organization meets the High Abortion Community Criteria will made by the Option Ultrasound Program team at Focus on the Family.

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