Protecting Our Children

Parenting Resources: How Can We Protect Our Children in An Age of Redefining Family?

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At a time when marriage, parenting, and family structures are being redefined and reinvented, what about the kids? Do children have rights, and how are they being threatened when adult happiness is all that seems to matter? You’ve heard from Katy Faust and John Stonestreet, now here are resources that can help you in the process of protecting your kids in an age of redefining family.

What are the Effects and Impacts of Divorce on Children?

While you and your spouse may see divorce as a quick and easy way out of a difficult situation, the facts indicate that it will impact your children for the rest of their lives.

Why do we say this? Consider the work of psychologist Judith Wallerstein. In a landmark study, she discovered that twenty-five years after their parents’ divorce these now-adult children continued to experience substantial expectations of failure, fear of loss, fear of change, and fear of conflict as a result. Twenty-five years!

Does Living Together Build a Stronger Marriage?

Cohabitation — living together outside of marriage — has become more popular over the last six decades. Today, more than 60 percent of marriages are formed by people who have cohabited with their spouse or someone else at some time in their lives.

A majority of people mistakenly believe that living together is an effective way to test a potential marriage to determine if the couple is compatible. But is cohabitation really a smart move for couples interested in a healthy, lasting marriage? Does it help build stronger, healthier relationships?

How Did We Get To This Gender-Confused Place?

Gender confusion is rampant and the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender activist movement has affected religion, pop culture, education, business and politics. “Sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are now privileged over privacy, safety and freedom.

Teaching your children about God’s design for humanity as male and female, explaining a godly view of human sexuality to them, and living out a high view of marriage are some of the greatest investments you can make for the next generation.

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