Raising Highly Capable Kids Program

Celebrating 10 years of Raising Highly Capable Kids!

Thank you for being a part of ministering to families for over 10 years through the Raising Highly Capable Kids (RHCK) program! This 13-week, multilingual, evidence-based course helps parents raise healthy, caring, and responsible children. With some helpful information, encouragement from others, and commitment, raising highly capable kids really is possible.

Because of you, the RHCK curriculum is now in 4 languages – English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese!  It is also being taught in various nations in Africa where they are translating from English into their native languages.  

In the US, the RHCK Program is making a national impact with:

  • 27,649 parents engaged
  • 736 local schools trained
  • 922 local churches trained
  • 4,646 facilitators trained

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Here’s what your support has made possible:

“The elementary school offered Parent University and they had about 25 parents participating.  The neighborhood pastor was teaching the  RHCK Spanish class and the principal was teaching the English class.  On the last day of classes, they were having a little graduation celebration and the Principal was called away to answer the phone.  When she returned, everyone was crying and rejoicing.  The pastor told her that the parents were sad that the classes were over and said they were going to miss him.  He told them that it wasn’t him they were going to miss but ‘who’ was in him.  So he said he “shared from Genesis to Revelation “ and they all got saved!”     ~Marta Plata, Executive Director of Parent Partnerships for Fort Worth Independent School District

“The classes helped me learn how to treat others; how to treat my wife and children better.  And now, I’m another person; a good person.  My life has changed completely.  It’s an excellent program.”

“Our house was like a tug-of-war, with each of us wanting to do things our own way.  Now we can communicate and we agree on our parenting strategy.”

“I had a grandma that was raising her grandchildren because both of their parents were incarcerated.  She came to Parent University and told me, “I cannot read or write, can I still come?”  I said sure.  I gave her a workbook and a bag of supplies.  That little grandmother came to every class and she was the only one who never forgot her book or her supplies…ever.  One time she was late.  I always call parents when they are late to encourage them to come.  So, I call her.  She said, “Well, I don’t have anything to share.”  I said, “No.  You do!  You have already raised one family and now you are on your 2nd family.  All the young parents really need you.  And they love to hear you and you change the dynamics of the class.”  After that, she was never late. The younger parents really looked to her. And it felt like the old days when we use to live in community, and we had aunts and uncles…everyone lived in the same city.  It’s missing.  Through parent university, we really are creating that support for each other.” 

“Raising Highly Capable Kids is bringing a transformation…not only at home, but in the surrounding community.”

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