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$1.1 Million Matching Opportunity

Save twice the babies from abortion and support SEE LIFE 2020!

Click Here to Double Your Gift

Yes, double my gift to rescue babies from abortion!

$1.1 Million Matching Opportunity

Save twice the babies from abortion and support SEE LIFE 2020!

Click Here to Double Your Gift

Yes, double my gift to rescue babies from abortion!

Resources: Comfort & Encouragement


Comfort & Encouragement


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90 Days of God’s Goodness by Randy Alcorn 
“Daily Reflections That Shine Light in Personal Darkness”

After the Boxes Are Unpacked: Moving on After Moving In by Susan Miller
Having moved many times, Miller offers advice for women who are facing a move. She talks about the physical and emotional aspects of moving and shares tips for helping your family adjust.

The Beauty of Broken by Elisa Morgan 
All families struggle, whether with substance abuse, teen pregnancy and abortion, divorce, homosexuality, infertility, death, or other issues. Morgan shares from her brokenness to reveal how God can redeem our pain for His glory and our good.

Blindsided by God by Peter Chin
“Disappointment, Suffering, and the Untamable Goodness of God”

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet by Sara Hagerty (not currently available through Focus on the Family)
“Tasting the Goodness of God in All Things”

Fear No Evil: A Test of Faith, a Courageous Church, and an Unfailing God by Brady Boyd 
Boyd recounts the events at New Life Church as a gunman killed two teens, wounded three adults, and took his own life. The same Lord who comforted and guided that community offers hope to anyone suffering and questioning His sovereignty.

Fearless by Max Lucado 
“Imagine Your Life Without Fear”

Finding Faith in the Dark by Laurie Short
“When the Story of Your Life Takes a Turn You Didn’t Plan”

Finding Home: An Imperfect Path to Faith and Family by Jim Daly
God took a young man from a shattered family and transformed him into the leader of one of today’s most recognized and effective family ministries.

Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado 
This year-long devotional features previously published meditations by Lucado. Each entry includes a Bible verse and a brief meditation, all designed to remind readers of their inestimable value to God.

He Still Moves Stones by Max Lucado 
Using familiar Bible stories and personal illustrations, Lucado encourages readers to work through the difficult topics of suffering, shame, bitterness, discouragement, and resentment.

The Healing Path by Dan Allender, Ph.D. 
“How the Hurts in Your Past Can Lead You to a More Abundant Life”

Heaven by Randy Alcorn 
Scripture tells us that God has “put eternity into man’s heart.” Sharing twenty-five years’ worth of extensive research, Alcorn answers questions about what heaven is really like.

Hope Again by Dr. Charles R. Swindoll 
“When Life Hurts and Dreams Fade”

If God Is Good … by Randy Alcorn
“Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil”

Just Show Up by Kara Tippetts and Jill Lynn Buteyn 
“The Dance of Walking Through Suffering Together”

Learning to Breathe Again by Tammy Trent 
“Choosing Life and Finding Hope After a Shattering Loss”

Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole by Angie Smith 
God is magnified in our brokenness, and He longs for us to live in the joy of His redeeming love.

The Question That Never Goes Away by Philip Yancey 
Yancey explores questions of suffering and faith by considering the 2013 Newton, Connecticut, shooting; the 2011 tsunami in Japan; and the civil war in former Yugoslavia.

Ruthless by Bo Stern 
“Knowing the God Who Fights for You”

Silver Boxes by Florence Littauer 
“The Gift of Encouragement”

Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont 
“Seeing Life From a Broken Perspective”

Stronger by Jim Daly 
“Trading Brokenness for Unbreakable Strength”

Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering by Timothy Keller 
Keller explores the purpose inherent in hurts and sorrows—experiences of every person’s journey—and the need to reach out to the Lord for understanding.

When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story 
“Lessons You Never Wanted to Learn, Truths You Can’t Live Without”

When God Doesn’t Make Sense by Dr. James Dobson 
“Holding on to Your Faith During the Hardest Times”

When the Hurt Runs Deep by Kay Arthur 
“Healing and Hope for Life’s Desperate Moments”

Where Is God? by Dr. John Townsend 
“Finding His Presence, Purpose, and Power in Difficult Times”

You’ll Get Through This by Max Lucado
“Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times”

Allowing God to Use All Things for Good (Grove Norwood) 
Grove Norwood prayed that God would allow him to help someone else in a tangible way. He had no idea it would be his friend Ulice Parker after Ulice accidentally killed Grove’s daughter in a tragic hit-and-run accident. Their story is a powerful reminder that each of us need to forgive and be forgiven.

Battling Giants in Everyday Life (Malcolm Gladwell)
Drawing from the biblical narrative of David and Goliath, Gladwell gives historic and modern examples about education, wealth, and forgiveness. He also shares about his return to faith after walking away for a season.

Be Strong and Courageous (Dennis Swanberg) 
Swanberg sometimes wonders how his son, Dusty, who struggles with ADD, will get by in life. But he knows that God will always watch over Dusty. Laugh and be encouraged as Swanberg reminds us to “be strong and courageous” in the Lord.

Choose You This Day (Anne Graham Lotz)
Lotz draws upon the Bible to describe the eternal home God is preparing for believers in Jesus Christ—a place of incomparable wonders, profound joy, and everlasting peace.

Discovering God in the Midst of Pain and Suffering (Dr. Tim Keller)
Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? Through Scripture and personal observation, Keller sheds light on the difficult events in our lives that test our faith.

Encounters With Jesus (Priscilla Shirer) 
Shirer explains how Lazarus, Martha, and Mary were all changed by their encounter with Jesus. We can be similarly influenced by our experiences with an unchanging, loving God.

Finding God in the Midst of Pain (Kay Arthur)
Arthur shares her journey through her first husband’s suicide, a broken marriage, and several affairs—and how she finally cried out to God. Regardless of the painful pasts we may carry, we can accept God’s forgiveness and forgive ourselves.

Finding God in the Story You Didn’t Want (Laurie Short)
Short discusses her struggles in trusting God to fulfill her desire for a husband. She turns to the biblical examples of Job, Joseph, and Jacob for truths about reconciling expectations with reality and trusting God. 

Finding God’s Goodness Even in Suffering (Pastor Peter and Mrs. Carol Chin)
A miscarriage. A cancer diagnosis. A home break-in. The Chins share about devastating blows as they were planting an inner-city church. They share vulnerably about their disappointment with God—and how He made Himself real.

Finding God’s Goodness in the Barrenness of Life (Sara Hagerty)
Hagerty talks about her marital difficulties, infertility, the death of her father, and international adoptions. If you’re wrestling with hardship, be encouraged by God’s love and promise to care about all of your needs.

Finding God’s Grace in the Midst of Tragedy (Charles and Janet Morris) 
Raising their oldest son kept the Morrises constantly on their knees in prayer. But nothing they did could keep him from using drugs as a teen—and dying from an overdose at 22. They share how they grieved with their other son, and they encourage listeners to trust the Lord and stay in prayer for prodigal children.

Finding God’s Light in Dark Times (Patsy Clairmont) 
In a message laced with humor and inspiration, Clairmont describes how God restored hope to her and a lifelong friend who was diagnosed with cancer.

Finding Hope After Your Dream Dies (Phil Vischer) 
The creator of VeggieTales discusses the painful lessons he learned from giving up his dreams, and the hope he found when God gave him a new vision for the future.

Finding Strength in the Struggles of Life (Jim and Jean Daly) 
The Dalys offer biblically based encouragement in a discussion about Jim’s book Stronger: Trading Brokenness for Unbreakable Strength.

Flying High (Gaye Martin) 
Martin was flying her private plane and became completely lost. She compares that experience to flying off course spiritually—when the best thing you can do is cry out to God and ask Him to guide you safely to your destination. Martin shares the spiritual lessons she learned during humorous misadventures in her early days of flying.

The God Who Knows Our Sorrows (Dr. Adrian Rogers) 
Rogers illustrates how Jesus’ humanity and the pain He endured on the cross enable Him to sympathize with our sufferings. Learn encouraging truths that will help you face the pain that inevitably comes to each of us.

Hope From the Ashes of 9/11 (panel)
Survivors and others closely affected by the attacks of September 11, 2001, discuss their experiences and describe God’s redemptive work since the tragedy.

Hope in the Midst of Suffering and Disappointment (Philip Yancey) 
Yancey discusses three questions: Is God fair? Is He silent? Is He hidden?

Learning to Lay Down Your Fears (Angie Smith)
Smith shares struggles she’s faced since she was a small child—including questioning her purpose, God’s plans, and if she’s a “good enough” Christian. But God is teaching her to trust Him and rest in His peace.  

Learning to Live Again (Tammy Trent)
Trent describes how God’s comfort and love have sustained her since her husband died in a tragic accident on the eve of the September 11 terrorist attacks. 

Letting God Redeem Your Broken Life (Elisa Morgan) 
Morgan shares her testimony of growing up in a dysfunctional family. And despite trying to raise her adopted children with godly principles, their poor choices led to another broken family today. But God can redeem all things.

Lighten Up With Liz (Liz Curtis Higgs) 
Learn to laugh at yourself and look for the humor in everyday life as a self-proclaimed “professional encourager” tells some of her side-splitting personal anecdotes.

More Than Meets the Eye (Joan Brock)
Within a span of three weeks, Brock unexplainably went blind—and soon after, her husband died of cancer. She shares her journey through these struggles and describes how she has been comforted by the support of family, friends, and God.

Moving Beyond Fear and Worry (Max Lucado)
Lucado talks about common fears and explains why fear is so prevalent in our society. But we are all significant to God—and through Him and the love of Christ we can find courage to face our fears.

My Journey to Faith and Family (Jim Daly) 
Daly recounts his troubled childhood with humor and candor, describing how those difficult circumstances helped prepare him to reach out to today’s families as president of Focus on the Family.

Replacing Panic With God’s Peace (Patsy Clairmont)
Clairmont suffered repeated panic attacks as a young bride, which eventually led to being housebound. But then she found fellowship and hope in Christ—and she encourages other women with the lessons she’s learned.

Restoring the Broken Pieces of Our Lives (Elisa Morgan) 
Morgan shares stories of her own family’s brokenness to illustrate how God wants to comfort us. He can use our broken pieces to shine His light of redemption into the world.

Seeing God in the Wake of Loss (Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman) 
In 2008, singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, lost their 5-year-old daughter, Maria, in a tragic accident. They describe how God has sustained and comforted them in the wake of their loss.

Seeking God in Hard Times (Dr. John Townsend)
Townsend explains why it’s so important to seek help from a caring pastor, spiritual mentor, or professional counselor when going through hard times.

Showing Up for a Friend in Need (Jill Buteyn) 
Buteyn shares about supporting her terminally ill friend, Kara Tippetts. She encourages those who want to come alongside loved ones struggling with life’s challenges.

Traveling Through Life’s Trials (Lisa Harper)
With her signature humor, Harper describes how our perspectives can get distorted during difficult times. But God is present in all circumstances—and we can hold onto His promises found in the Bible.

Unconditional Love: Lessons Learned from My Canine Friend (Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher) 
Meeder and Sacher share how opening their hearts to wounded and abused animals has taught them love, obedience, and acceptance—and how these experiences have brought new meaning to their walk with Christ.

Where’s God in the Midst of Suffering (Randy Alcorn) 
Everyone experiences suffering at some point, and many question why God would allow such hurt. Alcorn brings a biblical perspective by revealing the big picture of who God is and what His purposes are—for this world and for eternity.

Words of Kindness, Source of Healing (Florence Littauer) 
In a message based on Ephesians 4:29, Littauer shares stories illustrating how words of encouragement can be some of the most wonderful gifts you can ever give; they can literally change somebody’s life!

Molder of Dreams (DVD)
Guy Doud, shy and overweight as a child, grew up to be National Teacher of the Year. This master tale-weaver tells his life story with warmth and humor, delivering an affirming message about the significant influence we all have—and how the power of unconditional love can change lives.

Focus on the Family Counseling Consultation Line
If you need someone to talk to, Focus on the Family offers a free phone counseling consultation with a licensed or pastoral counselor. Call 1-855-771-HELP (4357), Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MT). 

Focus on the Family’s Christian Counselor Network
Search for licensed Christian counselors in your area.

Endurance ministers to suffering people, especially those who have experienced cancer, amputation, and depression. They offering resources for encouragement, comfort, and hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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