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Resources: Community Involvement


Community Involvement

Find Focus on the Family broadcasts, best-in-class books,
referral recommendations, and more.

General Resources

  • Strengthen your Christian worldview by studying the issues. Family Policy Alliance (a public policy partner of Focus on the Family) provides solid information and news from a pro-family perspective, and you can sign up for their daily email update.

 General Involvement

  • Write to your city, state, or federal representatives about legislation or issues affecting traditional values and religious freedom. You can find names and addresses of your state and federal elected officials through Family Policy Alliance’s Action Center.
  • Pray regularly for Focus on the Family and Family Policy Alliance staff, pro-family and pro-life organizations in your state, and your elected leaders.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or retirement home.

Political Action

  • Determine candidates’ positions on pro-family issues, and let them know the rationale behind your vote.
  • Sponsor a voter registration drive at your church. Make sure you’re registered to vote, and encourage others to do the same. Read Constitutional Protections for Pastors for information on how federal law and IRS codes apply to churches and pastors.

Marriage and Family


  • Prayerfully consider how you can minister to women in your area who are seeking abortions. Support your local pregnancy center financially, and volunteer your time. To find the center nearest you, look in the Yellow Pages under “Abortion Alternatives,” or visit OptionLine’s website.
  • Volunteer at your local hospice or AIDS support group to provide compassionate care.


  • Run for your local school board, or volunteer for curriculum review committees.


  • Form a community action group to fight pornography, or participate in an existing group. Visit Pure Hope to learn more.

The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Starts Right Outside Your Door by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon 
Exploring God’s call to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31), Pathak and Runyon offer practical ideas to reach out to those around us—taking into account healthy fears, appropriate boundaries, and right motives.

A Cup of Cold Water in His Name by Lorie Newman 
Newman offers 60 practical ways you can come alongside those who are physically and spiritually thirsty. Tangibly share God’s love and hope.

Finding Calcutta by Mary Poplin
Poplin had only been a Christian for three years when she traveled to India to work with Mother Teresa. Here she shares all she learned about service, humility, compassion, and spirituality—and how her experience has shaped her life and work.

Generous Justice: Finding Grace in God Through Practicing Justice by Dr. Timothy Keller 
Thoughtful and challenging, Keller’s guide helps seekers and lifelong Christians understand that God’s justice for the poor and marginalized is central to His command to “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird by Amy Lively (not currently available through Focus on the Family)
“Loving your neighbor isn’t a random command; it’s God’s perfect plan.”

I Beat the Odds by Michael Oher 
“From Homelessness to the Blind Side and Beyond”

I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life by Brad Formsma
Be inspired to give of your time, talents, and resources—and help your children learn the joy of doing the same. What you might consider a small gesture can mean a world of difference to someone in need.

Love Kindness by Barry Corey 
“Discover the Power of a Forgotten Christian Virtue”

The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons
“Seven Ways You Can Live the Gospel and Restore the World”

Organic Outreach for Families: Turning Your Home Into a Lighthouse by Kevin and Sherry Harney 
Consider how you can share your faith with your family, your neighborhood, and your community.

Overrated by Pastor Eugene Cho 
“Are we more in love with the idea of changing the world than actually changing the world?” Cho encourages believers to consider how God is calling us to make a difference.

Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore
“A Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together”

Small Things With Great Love: Adventures in Loving Your Neighbor by Margot Starbuck 
With humorous and insightful stories from her own life, Starbuck will open your eyes to the people around you—and the impact you can have on them through even the smallest acts of love and care.

Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski
Yankoski and a friend chose to leave their comfortable lifestyle to live as homeless men. For five months they experienced life on the streets in D.C., Denver, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, and San Diego.

Unlikely: Setting Aside Differences to Live Out the Gospel by Kevin Palau
Palau shares about the creation of CityServe, a partnership between the city of Portland and a group of churches.

When Invisible Children Sing by Dr. Chi Huang with Irwin Tang 
“A True Story of Five Street Children, an Idealistic Young Doctor, and Their Dangerous Hope”

Foster & Adoptive Families Need Your L.O.V.E. by Focus on the Family 
There are many ways to minister God’s love to children in foster care—and to the families that welcome them. Lighten the load, Offer prayer, Volunteer your time, and Encourage.

Adventures in Odyssey®: Out of Control #40 
This album includes “The Case of the Disappearing Hortons.” Liz admits that her father lost his job, and the family has been living in their car and using park restrooms.

Adventures in Odyssey®: A Date With Dad #46 
This album includes “A Time for Action.” Grady’s family is the recipient of an Adopt-a-Family box. But Grady convinces his mom to give their gifts to the homeless man in the park.

Adventures in Odyssey®: Into the Light #47 
“The Chosen One” is included. Kelly runs away from home and arrives at Whit’s End. She’s placed in a foster home, but after praying and talking about it, the Washington family agrees to bring Kelly into their home.

Becoming the Widow’s Advocate (Herb Reese, Robert Jenner, Ryan Dunn) 
When Reese discovered that a young widow in his church cried herself to sleep on the living room floor every night, he was inspired to start New Commandment Men’s Ministry. This nationwide organization encourages and trains men in long-term care for widows and single moms.

Caring for the Least of These (Lorie Newman)
Newman explores how Christians can show God’s love to the impoverished, forgotten, or hurting. Practical ideas range from carrying $5 fast-food gift cards for the homeless, to opening your heart and home to children in foster care.

Changing Lives in the Inner City (Robert Woodson, Pastor Darryl Webster, Kurt Moore, James Miller, Tyrone Miller, Robert Bigsbee) 
Guests explain how they’re helping men overcome substance abuse and hopelessness to live confident, productive lives. The transforming power of the Gospel and the efforts of both an inner-city entrepreneur and a local pastor are making a tremendous difference in these families.

The Chapmans: A Heart for Orphans (Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman) 
The Chapmans encourage listeners to support orphan-care ministries, and they share their own journey of adopting three daughters from China. Be inspired to help families who choose adoption.

Courageously Stepping Out to Change the World (Pastor Eugene Cho) 
Cho shares about his struggle of learning how to “walk his talk.” He describes how his dream to start a church was thwarted by unemployment and underemployment. He eventually became a pastor, took a mission trip to Burma, was convicted to help alleviate global poverty, and started the organization One Day’s Wages.

Cultivating Community With Your Neighbors (Amy Lively) 
Lively’s invitation to a casual get-together grew into a thriving Bible study group. She shares suggestions for building friendships and sharing Christ’s love.

Examining Our Faith: Christianity in the 21st Century (Dr. Timothy Keller) 
Keller shares thoughts from his book Counterfeit Gods, which examines the things people pursue to find happiness and fulfillment, and he describes how Christians can engage non-believers. He also discusses The Prodigal God to reveal God’s grace toward those who turn their backs on Him—and those who try to live a moral, rule-following life.

Impacting the Culture by Living Out Our Faith (Pastor Jim Garlow) 
Christians can impact their culture by living out the values of their faith, and Garlow shares numerous examples from his own life, including befriending homosexual activists and leaders in Planned Parenthood. It is possible to winsomely share the love of Christ with nonbelievers—even those who may be hostile to us.

Living Out Your Faith in Culture (Pastor Brady Boyd, Gabe Lyons)
Boyd and Lyons talk about Christian leadership, where the Church is heading and how it can effectively engage the culture, and how believers can discern their role in God’s plan.

A Man Called Norman (Mike Adkins) 
Norman was a social misfit and a recluse. Virtually everybody in his small town made fun of him except his neighbor Mike. Here, Mike shares the humorous and poignant story of his efforts to befriend Norman and share the Gospel with him—and he inspires listeners to consider how they might share the love of Christ with those who seem unlovable.

Opening Your Home to Those in Need (Francis and Lisa Chan) 
The Chans challenge the Church to think beyond our own needs and comforts to follow God’s command to care for and serve others. They describe the joys and challenges of becoming foster parents to a 17-year-old girl, and how that relationship has strengthened their faith.

Putting Your Faith Into Action (Chuck Colson) 
If today’s believers would engage the culture the way the early Church did, Colson believes our nation could be transformed. Here he discusses the importance of Christian orthodoxy and orthopraxy, the influence the Church has historically had on society, and the responsibility of believers to stand up for their faith in the public arena.

Reaching Out to Others (Scott Walt)
Walt shares stories about how he and his wife rescued an elderly neighbor from freezing to death, about trusting God in becoming missionaries, and about the Lord providing for them during an adoption. He honestly shares the doubts he had about each step of their family’s journey—but he encourages others to see how God can use them to make a difference.

Reaching Out to Your Neighbors (Pastor Jay Pathak, Pastor Dave Runyon, Angela Wheaton)
Pathak and Runyon encouraged their congregations to transform their neighborhoods, one household at a time. Here, they suggest how to get acquainted and make friends with your neighbors, sharing the love of Jesus in practical, everyday ways.

Reclaiming the Culture of Your Community (Bryan Wickens) 
Wickens discusses his grassroots efforts to reduce the number of sexually oriented businesses in his community, and he offers advice about how listeners can make a positive difference in their own communities.

Serving As a Family This Christmas (Bob Welch, Matthew West, Lejla Allison)
Learn how your family can give others the greatest gift—a personal relationship with Jesus Christ—by turning your focus outward and sharing your time, talents, and treasures.

Sharing Your Faith As a Family (Pastor Kevin and Mrs. Sherry Harney)
The Harneys share from their book Organic Outreach for Families and offer practical ideas to help your family minister to others. Reaching out isn’t necessarily easy, but God can work through our efforts—and it offers a valuable lesson for children about how to serve others.

Showing Kindness and Generosity to Others (call-in) 
Focus on the Family constituents remember when someone went out of their way to provide a miracle in a moment of need. Be inspired to consider how you and your family can give to others.

Using Kindness to Open Doors in the Culture (Dr. Barry Corey)
Biola University’s president sheds light on the Bible’s definition of kindness and describes how Christians can live it out. We need a firm center (theological conviction) with soft edges (kindness).

The Value of Standing for Life (Jim Daly, Dr. Juli Slattery, John Fuller) 
In response to a case against a Philadelphia abortionist, Daly, Slattery, and Fuller reaffirm the value of human life. They discuss Focus’ heart and strategy for standing for life without compromise, and they encourage listeners to be actively involved in upholding the sanctity of human life in their own communities.

Focus on the Family Counseling Consultation Line
If you need someone to talk to, Focus on the Family offers a free phone counseling consultation with a licensed or pastoral counselor. Call 1-855-771-HELP (4357), Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MT). 

Focus on the Family’s Christian Counselor Network
Search for licensed Christian counselors in your area.

Focus on the Family’s Wait No More®
We provide information about the adoption and foster care process, resource recommendations, and post-placement support.

African Children’s Choir
This touring children’s choir raises money to support educational and humanitarian programs across East and South Africa, changing the lives of thousands of Africa’s most vulnerable children.

Association of Gospel Rescue Missions
This organization promotes fellowship among—and provides services to—local rescue missions and ministries.

Bethel Bible Village
This outreach ministers to children of families in crisis—whether families are facing illness, divorce, economic downturn, incarceration, institutionalization, addiction, abandonment, or other difficulty.

Dale House
Dale House reaches out to delinquent, neglected, and abused teens who can’t return home. Within the context of community living, they’re taught skills for independent living.

Door of Hope
Door of Hope helps return homeless families to productive lives in society through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Emmaus Ministries
Through evangelism and education, this ministry provides hope in Christ and makes Jesus known to men involved in sexual exploitation, drug addiction, and alcoholism.

Habitat for Humanity
This outreach builds and rehabilitates homes to help eliminate poverty housing.

Holt International Children’s Services
This organization is a world leader in international adoption and child welfare programs. It’s dedicated to carrying out God’s plan for every child to have a permanent, loving family.

National Alliance to End Homelessness
This federal advocacy organization offers information about homelessness—the issues and policies involved, potential solutions, and how you can take action.

Referrals to secular organizations dealing with specialized areas of knowledge shouldn’t be read as an indication that their stances necessarily align with Focus on the Family’s perspective in all areas.