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Beyond the Masquerade: Unveiling the Authentic You Dr. Julianna Slattery
Fear of rejection and insecurity causes many women to feel that they have to look like the “good” mom, wife, friend, or Christian. Slattery compares a culturally driven approach to self and a biblical perspective of worth.

Boundaries: by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend 
“When to Say Yes, How to Say No, to Take Control of Your Life”

Building Confidence in Your Child by Dr. James Dobson 
Instill in your children a biblically based self-esteem that will help them make good choices, develop healthy relationships, and grow into secure adults.

The Father Connection by Josh McDowell (not currently available through Focus on the Family)
“How You Can Make the Difference in Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Sense of Purpose”

Hello, Beauty Full by Elisa Morgan 
“Seeing Yourself As God Sees You”

How to Handle Your Emotions by June Hunt 
“Anger, Depression, Fear, Grief, Rejection, Self-Worth”

Mom, I Feel Fat by Sharon A. Hersh (for mothers of girls ages 8-12)
“Becoming Your Daughter’s Ally in Developing a Healthy Body Image”

Self Talk, Soul Talk by Jennifer Rothschild (not currently available through Focus on the Family)
“What to Say When You Talk to Yourself”

The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk by Shelly Beach
“Conforming Deadly Thought Patterns to the Word of God”

Silver Boxes: The Gift of Encouragement by Florence Littauer 
Reach out to others—to make them feel special, to mend their broken dreams, and to share the affirming message of the Gospel through the power of encouragement.

So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore 
Learn to identify lies about your true worth and confidently move forward in the reality of God’s love.

Women of Worth Focus on the Family 
If you’ve defined yourself by false expectations of others, those misperceptions can make you feel that you don’t measure up. This study will guide you from insecurity to confidence of your innate value in God’s eyes.

The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue (ages 8-12)
Young girls are bombarded with the message that beauty matters, but it can be difficult to figure out what true beauty is all about. Rue answers common questions girls ask in this stage of their lives.

Everybody Tells Me to Be Myself, but I Don’t Know Who I Am by Nancy Rue (ages 8-12)
Feeling pressure from friends, parents, teachers, and the media can make it hard to figure out what being a tween and becoming a teen is all about. Learn to be “the real you” as you grow into the young woman God created you to be!

Preparing for Adolescence by Dr. James Dobson 
“How to Survive the Coming Years of Change”

Search for Significance: Seeing Your True Worth Through God’s Eyes by Robert S. McGee 
Do you worry about what other people may think of you? Learn to become confident and happy about who you are by replacing the lies you believe with the truth of God’s Word.

So Long, Insecurity (Teen Edition) by Beth Moore 
Moore covers topics of faith, fashion, media, and boys. Tackle insecurity, and build a solid foundation on Christ.

Launch Into the Teen Years Kit

This six-session online video-based program created by Focus on the Family will help you and your preteen talk about how to make great decisions and soar with confidence. 

Online Video Session Titles:

  • Who Am I? – How God Sees the True You
  • The One About Family, Friends, and Enemies – BFF’s and Boy-Girl Relationships
  • Of Memes & Meanies – Bullies, Criticism, and Voices Worth Listening To
  • Bodies, Sex & Stuff – God Created You
  • What’s Happening to My Body? – Puberty and Relationships
  • The Big Talk – God’s Design for Sex

The Kit Contains:

  • Parent guide
  • Child participant journal
  • Key-code access to online video content
  • Tips on engaging your child, along with questions and activities that will encourage thoughtful consideration and discussion

Additional Details: The video series provides a comprehensive overview of sexual issues related to adolescence and how to talk about them. Viewers follow the experiences of eight young preteens at a camp as they move through activities and challenges that follow each session topic.

Embracing God’s Promises for My Life (Sheila Walsh) 
Walsh talks about her past struggles with shame, depression, and perfectionism—and explains how she found emotional healing through her relationship with Christ. She shares how God has used her brokenness to help reach others, and she encourages listeners to be vulnerable before the Lord so their days are filtered through His love.

Finding Your Beauty in God’s Eyes (Elisa Morgan) 
Women often feel like they don’t measure up. Morgan shares biblical truths and her own story of brokenness to encourage women to rest in Jesus’ finished work.

How Your Past Impacts Your Relationships (Shelly Beach) 
Author of The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk, Beach explains what self-talk is, why it occurs, and how Satan makes us doubt God. The more we surrender our thought life to God, the more we can live in the positive path of His leading in thought and deed.

Living Authentically Before the Lord (Dr. Juli Slattery) If you’re tired of comparing yourself to others and just want the freedom to be yourself, be encouraged by Slattery’s insights from her book Beyond the Masquerade.

Overcoming Adversity (Dan Miller) 
Miller shares how his dreams for the future were shattered when poliomyelitis left him paralyzed within a week. He learned to walk with physical therapy and surgery. He became a P.E. teacher and elementary principal, played sports, learned to pilot a plane, and played in a band. He reminds listeners that joy is a choice and that we must be persistent in reaching for our goals. And he encourages teachers to take advantage of opportunities they have to influence students to reach for their dreams.

Overcoming the Heartaches of Life (Sheri Rose Shepherd) 
Coming from a divorced home and having been verbally wounded as an overweight teen, Shepherd became bulimic and attempted suicide. She tells how she accepted Christ, and how God healed her emotional wounds and called her to ministry.

Unconditional Love: Lessons Learned from My Canine Friend (Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher) 
Sacher found personal healing at the Meeder’s Crystal Peaks Ranch and adopted an older dog with disabilities. She and Meeder share how opening their hearts to wounded and abused animals has taught them love, obedience, and acceptance—and how these experiences have brought new meaning to their walk with Christ.

Words of Kindness, Source of Healing (Florence Littauer) 
In a message based on Ephesians 4:29, Littauer shares stories illustrating how words of encouragement can be some of the most wonderful gifts you can ever give and can literally change somebody’s life—for better or for worse.

You’re Special to Jesus (Donna Linville) 
Linville discusses the power of words to build up or tear down. She shares how God healed her heart from devastating words spoken to her when she was young. 

Molder of Dreams by Guy Doud (DVD) 
Doud, shy and overweight as a child, grew up to be National Teacher of the Year. This master tale-weaver tells his poignant life story with warmth and humor, delivering an affirming message about the significant influence we all have—and how the power of unconditional love can change lives.

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