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Helping Children Through Grief

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Children and Grief: Helping Your Child Understand Death by Joey O’Connor
Learn to support your child through the questions and struggles of death and loss. You can provide security in the middle of confusing circumstances and emotions.

Emily Lost Someone She Loved by Kathleen Fucci (preschool–elementary)
“Vivacious Emily faces a loss so big it threatens everything she knows. But one night when Emily cries out, ‘Where is God?!’ she learns He is much closer, and loves her so much more, than she ever realized.”

God Gave Us Heaven by Lisa Tawn Bergren (ages 4–8)
Based on biblical insight, this picture book takes children on a journey with Little Cub and Papa to help answer questions about heaven.

Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn (ages 8–12)
Alcorn explores biblical answers to questions kids often have about heaven. He talks about the difference between where we go when we die and where we will live forever with Jesus after He returns.

Hope Rising by Kim Meeder 
“Stories From the Ranch of Rescued Dreams”

If Nathan Were Here by Mary Bahr Fritts (ages 4–8)
This book explores the grief of a young boy whose best friend has died. With the help of a teacher, a neighbor, and a parent, he finds ways to process his sorrow—and reach out to someone else who needs him.

It’s Okay to Cry by H. Norman Wright 
“A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children Through the Losses of Life”

When Someone Dies: Find Comfort in Jesus by Julie Stiegemeyer (ages 4–7)
This gentle picture book helps explain grief to children, acknowledging that it’s okay to be sad, and encouraging them to look to Jesus as their Comforter.

When Your Family’s Lost a Loved One: Finding Hope Together by David Guthrie and Nancy Guthrie 
Reminders are everywhere. There’s no avoiding the pain, and each family member will grieve in his or her own way. But it is possible to find hope, joy, and unity again. Sharing from their personal journey through loss, the Guthries offer practical, compassionate help.

Adventures in Odyssey® #3: Heroes
“Karen”: Donna Barclay tries to cope when her best friend, Karen, becomes sick with cancer.

Adventures in Odyssey® #7: On Thin Ice
“The Very Best of Friends”: On the anniversary of her friend Karen’s death, Donna struggles over the loss of her close friend.

Adventures in Odyssey® #16: Flights of Imagination

  • “It Is Well”: Whit tells Lucy the moving story behind the hymn “It Is Well.”
  • “The Mortal Coil”: Whit programs the Imagination Station to show what life after death might be like. Against the advice of Tom Riley, he tries the program on himself—with dangerous results.

Adventures in Odyssey® #17: On Earth As It Is in Heaven 
“Forever … Amen”: Young Danny wonders about death and eternity when his mother’s unborn baby dies as a result of miscarriage.

Adventures in Odyssey® #18: A Time of Discovery 
“Greater Love”: Whit hears the story of how Tom Riley’s son died—from the man who claims to be responsible.

Adventures in Odyssey® #21: Wish You Were Here
“… But Not Forgotten”: Tom Riley, Connie, and Eugene find that running Whit’s End takes more time than they thought. Tom asks an old friend of Whit’s, Jack Allen, to help out.

Adventures in Odyssey® #24: Risks and Rewards
“Where Is Thy Sting?”: The death of Connie’s grandmother causes her family to ponder what death means for a Christian. Connie’s father ponders what death means for a non-Christian.

Adventures in Odyssey® #31: Days to Remember 
“A Lesson From Mike”: Julie is surprised by her feelings when a student she barely knows dies a tragic death.

Bringing Hope and Healing Through Rescued Horses (Kim Meeder)
Meeder shares stories from Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, a ministry that pairs at-risk children with rescued horses. She shares how God took a tragic childhood event in her life and redeemed it through this outreach.

Coping With the Loss of a Loved One (David and Nancy Guthrie)
Losing two infants to the same genetic disorder, the Guthries share candidly about their journey through grief (along with their 8-year-old son, Matt)—and about the importance of faith in God’s sovereignty.

Rescued Horses: Renewed Hope for Kids (Troy and Kim Meeder)
In 1995, the Meeders bought eight acres of land in Oregon and turned it into a ranch for horses rescued from abuse and neglect. But when they began inviting troubled children to the ranch to help care for the horses, they realized that mutual healing was taking place—and that God was restoring broken lives.

Walking Through Grief With Your Child (Kathleen Fucci)
As the new bride of a widower, Fucci stepped into the overwhelming role of mom to three grieving children. Years later, she shares what she learned about the grieving process and ways to help your child deal with loss.

Focus on the Family Counseling Consultation Line
If you need someone to talk to, Focus on the Family offers a free phone counseling consultation with a licensed or pastoral counselor. Call 1-855-771-HELP (4357), Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MT). 

Focus on the Family’s Christian Counselor Network
Search for licensed Christian counselors in your area.

This organization provides materials to help churches facilitate grief recovery support meetings. They also help individuals connect with local groups.