See Life™ 2021 Inside Look

See Life 2021 Preview

Let’s be honest … for some Christian moms and dads, pro-life subjects sometimes feel divisive, political, or even off-putting. How do they fit into a “movement” — much less their family? What does a pro-life perspective look like in the day to day, especially with kids? Isn’t it okay to just work hard, raise a family, and stay out of the fray?

Fair questions. Let’s talk about it.

This summer, we’re doing something different. We’re inviting you and your loved ones to listen in on six short conversations that will INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE you all to simply live your lives as a COMPASSIONATE PRO-LIFE FAMILY. We’re taking the tough, awkward topics about pro-life that are often twisted and misunderstood and making them simple, straightforward, and accessible. 100% truth. 100% grace-filled.

It’s called the SEE LIFE 2021 experience — designed especially for families.

Join us on Friday night, July 16 @ 7 p.m. MT (9 p.m. ET) for incredible stories about everyday life heroes caring for vulnerable people in their communities — and how your family can join them.

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