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Growing and Thriving During Your Pregnancy Journey

Air date 02/10/2014

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Young moms Erin MacPherson and Eva Daniel discuss the spiritual importance of pregnancy and offer advice to expecting couples, ranging from keeping marriage a priority during pregnancy to how husbands can support their wives throughout the process.


Erin MacPherson

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Erin MacPherson is an author, speaker and part-time managing editor for, an online community for teachers to share innovation and ideas. She has been a featured columnist for numerous websites and publications, including MOPS International and MomSense Magazine. Erin and her husband Cameron reside in Austin, Texas, with their three children.


Eva Daniel

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Eva Daniel is an Associate Producer for the daily "Focus on the Family" radio program. She holds a degree in Speech Communication from Hillsdale College. Eva and her husband, Jacob, have one son and are expecting; they live in Colorado Springs, Colo.