Original Air date 10/05/1994

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Inspirational speaker Dan Miller shares his personal story of overcoming adversity as an encouragement to listeners that they, too, can overcome any obstacle with God's help, hard work and a positive attitude.

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    Molder of Dreams

    Guy Doud

    Master storyteller Guy Doud shares what it's like to grow up with all the inadequacies that cripple a child emotionally - obesity, an alcoholic mother, financial hardship and even being the last one to be chosen for kickball. As an adult, he's overcome his upbringing to receive the national Teacher of the Year award and now spends his time sharing with audiences around the country about the impact one person can have in effecting another person's life to mold their hopes - their dreams.

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    FREE Download: Gaining a New Perspective on Life

    Does life seem to not make any sense?  Are you looking for the silver lining in your situation? In this humorous message, J.John shares practical encouragement to help you step back and gain a new perspective on your life.

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Dan Miller

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Dan Miller is a former physical education teacher and school principal who became an inspirational speaker, traveling around the U.S. and Canada to share his principles for overcoming obstacles in life. He is author of the book Living, Laughing and Loving Life! Dan and his wife, Judy, are semi-retired and reside in Washington.