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Raising Sons to be Godly Men (Part 1 of 2)

Original Air date 04/09/2012

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In this Best of 2012 Broadcast, Pastor Robert Lewis encourages dads to impart a biblical vision of manhood to their sons. (Part 1 of 2)


Robert Lewis

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Robert Lewis is an author and former teaching pastor and directional leader for Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Ark. He is currently the president of LifeReady - an organization that provides high-impact video resources to families - and the founder of Men's Fraternity. Lewis and his wife, Sherard, have four children.


Juli Slattery

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Dr. Juli Slattery is a widely known clinical psychologist, author, speaker and broadcast media professional. She is also president of Authentic Intimacy, a non-profit ministry aimed at helping women have better marriages. Dr. Slattery's books include Finding the Hero in Your Husband, No More Headaches, and Guilt Free Motherhood. She and her husband, Mike, have three boys.