Yes, DOUBLE MY GIFT to help families!

Yes, DOUBLE MY GIFT to help families!

Yes, Double my gift to help families!

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Bill Arbuckle

Bill Arbuckle is a content producer for the Marriage team at Focus on the Family.

a woman hugs her husband

Marriage Meditation: The Fruit of the Spirit Is Peace

If peace means resting in another’s promises, we can bring peace to our marriage by trusting our spouse and by becoming a trustworthy husband or wife.

A man and woman sit silently after arguing

Marriage Meditation: The Fruit of the Spirit Is Patience

It’s easy to be angry. But God challenges us to live differently. Galatians 5:22-23 tells us “The fruit of the Spirit is … patience.”

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At Home With the Smalleys

Join Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley for a fun discussion about marriage advice. What’s the worst advice you were given? The best? Share your story!

A man and a woman gaze over a canal and city lights

Three Ways to Invest in Your Marriage (and Have Fun Along the Way)

Investing in your marriage doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with a simple conversation every day, plan a weekly date night and then an annual adventure!

A man and woman ride bikes in a grassy area

Marriage Meditation: The Fruit of the Spirit Is Joy

Joy is a gift from God that — when we choose it — can fill our marriage with contentment, confidence and hope.

a man and woman study the Bible

Marriage Meditation – Devotional Library

Grow your marriage with these marriage devotions from Focus on the Family.

a man offers a gust a slice of pizza

You Might Feel Hungry After Reading This

It’s hard to imagine, but there’s a significant number of families who don’t have enough to eat. Maybe that’s an opportunity for couples who want to help.

a woman holds a heart-shaped light

Marriage Meditation: The Fruit of the Spirit Is Love

Love is essential to marriage. It’s also one of the fruits of the Spirit. A life-long love requires God’s help to stay together when the feelings fade.

a woman and her daughter give dad a Father's Day gift

This Father’s Day, Give Your Husband the Gift of Trust

Trust is scary. It’s never easy to trust your husband. What should you do if God is asking you to trust your husband?

a man and a woman smile as they talk to each other

A Marriage Meditation: Kind Words

Kind words are important to our marriage. We can use words that encourage our spouse or we can use words that hurt them. Which words will you choose?

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At Home With the Smalleys – Show Archive

Catch up on topics from Greg and Erin Smalley’s weekly Facebook live conversations.

doctors and nurses rush a patient into surgery

Married to a Front-line Worker

If you’re a front-line worker, you and your spouse may be dealing with the extra stress caused by the coronavirus. Need help? Here’s where to start.

a man and woman are sitting on a mountainside and watching the sunset

A Marriage Meditation: Time

Your marriage needs commitment. Especially a commitment to time with your spouse. Make the most of the little moments and watch your marriage grow.

a man and woman talk over a cup of coffee

A Marriage Meditation: Disappointment

When your marriage isn’t what you expected and you feel disappointed, how can you get back the spark?

a man and woman add money to a piggy bank

Family Finances and COVID-19: Five Helpful Tips

Family finances are taking a hit during the COVID-19 crisis. If you and your spouse are facing financial changes, here are five tips to help.

A young couple is arguing

Will Divorce Rates Jump Because of Coronavirus?

Divorce rates in China have increased since the coronavirus lockdown was relaxed. Will America see a rise in divorce rates as well? What is the real story?

water splashes out of a full glass

Emotional Self-Care Is Important to Your Marriage

Marriage takes two, but for a marriage to succeed, both spouses need to practice emotional self-care. Here’s how to start.

domestic violence husband fist wife crying

Coronavirus and Domestic Violence

As more people are quarantined because of the coronavirus pandemic, authorities expect the number of domestic violence incidents to increase. Here’s what you can do.

a woman wearing a surgical mask shops at a grocery store

Coronavirus: How to Keep Your Family Finances Strong

COVID 19 — the “coronavirus” — is changing how we live, work and connect with others. It’s also affecting family finances as businesses close or reduce hours to help lower the risk of spreading the virus. Because the changes in the market will affect f …

a man and woman dance together in their home

How Respecting Your Husband Can Make Him a Better Leader at Home

It’s not easy to see your husband’s imperfections and then choose to let him lead your family. But respecting your husband can make him a better man.

A woman counts one dollar bills

Is Financial Infidelity Hurting Your Marriage?

A growing number of Americans hide credit cards and bank accounts from spouses. Financial infidelity can damage your bottom line and destroy your marriage.

a woman cries on her husband's chest

Why You Should Apologize for Hurtful Words

Many spouses refuse to accept responsibility for hurtful words. But when those words create emotional barriers, it’s difficult to communicate.

an angry woman has turned her back on her husband

How to Avoid a Politically Divided Marriage

How do you avoid a politically divided marriage when the person on the other side of your bed is also on the other side of the political aisle?

A couple laughs while watching TV

Can Guys Watch Hallmark Movies and Keep Their Man Card?

Love is in the air, and Hallmark movies are on the air this Valentine’s Day. Is it possible to sit down and — gasp! — actually enjoy a romance movie with your wife?

Colorful tags decorate a Valentine's Day gift.

4 Things Guys Need to Know Before Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts

Stressed about finding the right Valentine’s Day gift? Start with these four helpful hints that will remind your wife how much you love her.

Abandoned wedding rings on the ground show the loss depicted in the Marriage Story movie.

A Film Reviewer’s Thoughts on Marriage Story and Real Marriages

Critics praise the way Marriage Story portrays a couple in crisis, but film reviewer Paul Asay says there’s a powerful message behind Marriage Story.

A brightly-lit cathedral represents the discussion of traditional marriage

The Church of England Said This About Marriage

The Church of England announced its stance on sex and marriage. You might be surprised how they define it.

a microphone against a colorful backdrop

Shania Twain’s Secret to Surviving an Affair

Shania Twain’s career and marriage were shattered when she discovered her husband was having an affair. Are there lessons you can learn from her road to recovery?

a man looks at his watch while looking at a computer

How to Find Work-Life Balance for Your Marriage

Finding work-life balance isn’t easy. But it’s important for the health of your marriage. Here are four ways to start.

a person holds up a crown

Harry and Meghan and Marriage

Harry and Meghan are special, but you don’t have to be a prince or princess to treat your spouse like royalty.

a man and woman hold hands during a wedding

Oprah, Marriage and Sacrifice

Did Oprah get it right? Does marriage mean sacrificing your goals, plans and identity? Or does marriage offer something more?

a man looks at his cellphone

Is Online Cheating Really Infidelity?

It’s just a TV show. Nothing that happens on “Real Housewives” is “real.” Right? Meghan King Edmonds seemed to think her husband’s problem was real. Real enough that it led to the couple’s separation. Edmonds announced via podcast she had separated fro …

a bride and groom hold hands

How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage If You Just Got Engaged

Your wedding is a one-day event. Your marriage lasts a lifetime. Divorce-proof your marriage by answering these three important questions.

a woman folds clothes

Married … With Household Chores

Couples come clean about household chores and share what they’re willing to trade to avoid cleaning house.

a woman counts dollar bills

How to Avoid Money Mistakes in Your Marriage

Once you identify these money mistakes in your marriage, you can take steps to get your finances — and your marriage — on track.

A man and woman hold hands and share coffee

The State of Florida Wants to Mandate Premarital Counseling. Will It Help Couples?

Surveys find that divorce rates drop by 30 percent or more when engaged couples seek premarital counseling.

A woman puts a bow on a Christmas gift

Advent Devotionals for Couples: Week 4 – Love

All lovers know there is a price for love. And God – who is love – knows more than anyone else the cost of great love.

Married couple standing on the beach

How to Stop Fighting Your Spouse: Seven Steps to Win-Win Solutions in Marriage

If you and your spouse want to stop fighting, then it’s time to remember that you and your spouse are a team.

A man and woman dance in the snow

Advent Devotionals for Couples: Week 3 – Filled with Joy

What difference might the joy of seeing Christ make in your home?

married couple waiting

Advent Devotionals for Couples – Week 2: Waiting for Jesus and Preparing for God’s Promise

Though He came to earth already, we’re waiting for Jesus to return. Waiting is difficult but not passive. It should involve preparation.

A Christmas nativity set

Advent Devotionals for Couples – Week 1: Hope

Focus on the Family invites you and your spouse to celebrate Advent. To pause from the hectic pace of the holiday season and remember those who waited for God’s promised Son, to hope in His Word and to rest in His love.

A Christmas candle burns brightly near a branch and other candles

Advent Devotionals – Readings for Couples

Focus on the Family invites you and your spouse to celebrate Advent. To pause from the hectic pace of the holiday season and remember those who waited for God’s promised Son, to hope in His Word and to rest in His love.

A family serves Thanksgiving dinner

How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner with Family

If you find yourself heading over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, check out these five simple tips to help you survive Thanksgiving dinner with family.

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