Marriages and families are in trouble after the challenges of last year.
If it's not too much to ask, would you help equip these families with the resources they need to put Jesus at the center of their home?
Yes, I will help struggling families!

Brooke McGlothlin

Brooke McGlothlin is passionate about helping parents, especially moms, to raise boys into godly men. She is the co-founder and president of The MOB (“Mothers Of Boys”) Society and the author of several books including Praying for Boys, Hope for the Weary Mom and her latest, Gospel-Centered Mom. She has two boys herself, whom she raises in the mountains of southwest Virginia with her husband. Learn more about Brooke by visiting the MOB Society website and her blog.

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Praying for Your Sons

Author and blogger Brooke McGlothlin discusses the need for parents to pray Scripture over their sons, and offers advice on raising boys to be men of integrity, character and respect.

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Becoming a Gospel-Driven Mom

In a discussion based on her book Gospel-Centered Mom, Brooke McGlothlin encourages moms to depend on God rather than themselves, and describes how kids can thrive when they witness their mother’s faith in Christ. 

How to Be an Active, Gospel-Centered Mom

Helping our children experience the power of the Gospel begins with us living it out in our own lives.