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Tech Support for Parents

Help for parents who wonder how to guide their children’s use of technology in today’s tech-risky culture.

Nurturing a Biblical Work Ethic in Children

How do we foster and nurture a strong work ethic in our kids, which will be pleasing to God?

Losing Ourselves

Finding volunteer opportunities for your kids is a good way to teach them compassion and stewardship as part of their service to God.

Teaching Servanthood

Teaching Servanthood

If your kids ever wonder, “What does God look like?” send them to me. I’ve seen His hands. I’ve seen them all my life – on an Iowa couple named George and Ruth. Before I could even read, I watched those hands empty bedpans, prepare sponge baths and fee …

Stewardship, Sacrifice and a Ceiling Fan: Teaching Kids the Joy of Giving

Give your children a sense of the importance of joyful giving by being a good model.

Raising Caring Kids

How do you help your children care for others?

Teaching Kids to Serve With Discernment

How do we prepare our kids to be “shrewd as serpents, and harmless as doves” when they serve? How do we teach them to discern how to give and serve with widsom?

The Importance of Being Mommy

Learn how one mother experienced the joys and sorrows of bonding with her adopted daughter.

bonsai tree

Sex and the Art of Bonsai

Bonsai keepers remove everything but what is essential to the plant. We cultivate holiness in a similar fashion.

Life Books

These special memory albums can help your adopted child piece together the past.

Real Families

People often want to talk about adoption. Unfortunately, they sometimes don’t know how.

Big Dreams on a Small Budget

By understanding the three Cs of financial contentment, you can live large — regardless of the size of your budget.

When Your Spouse is Depressed

How to Help When Your Spouse Is Depressed

Part of the Depression Series Depression How to Help When Your Spouse Is Depressed No Teen is an Island Depression in the Christian Family The Light of Depression Series About: Emotional Health Tim and Sandra sit close together on their porch swing, ho …

Seated young couple. He's looking downward and depressed. She's looking at him worriedly, her hands wrapped around his face.

When Your Spouse Is Depressed

Here’s how you can help your loved one out of the darkness of depression.