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Christina Chismar, MSW, LCSW

Christina is a fun-loving, creative counselor. As a trauma specialist, she works to help people of all ages feel safe helps them understand trauma’s affects the brain and body. Her approach integrates body, mind, and spirit to ultimately help people walk authentically. Outside the office, Christina enjoys quilting and dog training.

Silhouette of mom and young son holding cardboard cutout of incomplete house while dad attaches the roof

The Adoption Journey: An Honest Look at What You Really Need to Know

The Adoption Journey An Honest Look at What You Really Need to KnowWelcome, you! We wish we could chat with you over coffee about what brought you here … Maybe the journey of adoption has been on your mind since you were a child. Maybe you just started …

Child talking with counselor

Therapeutic Interventions for an Adopted Child

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Traditional parenting techniques don’t always work for a child who has experienced trauma — and most adopted children have experienced trauma. An adopted child and their parents often need more suppor …

Teen boy with hat looking down

Parenting Reactive Children or Youth

Parenting reactive children or youth can be difficult but a technique known as Therapeutic Parenting can be helpful.

Sensory Processing Issues in a Child

Some children struggle to process sensory information that they see, hear, taste, feel or touch. They may also have difficulty with balance.