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Chrys Howard

Chrys Howard

As a writer and a former senior editor for Howard Publishing (now Simon & Schuster), Chrys Howard has had a hand in the publication of more than a 100 books with a million copies in print in six languages. She has authored nine books herself, the latest of which include Rockstar GrandparentYou and Me, Daughter, and Big Hugs for Grandmas. Chrys hosts a radio show called It’s a Mom Thing and personally mentors young moms through an organization her sister created called Heartfelt Ministries. Chrys and her husband, John, have three grown children including Korie Robertson, a star of the popular TV show Duck Dynasty. The couple also has 14 grandchildren. Learn more about Chrys at her website,

Grandparents reading the Bible to their grandchild

Leading Grandchildren to Jesus

As grandparents, we have the unique opportunity to lead our grandchildren towards Jesus through our actions, thoughts, and example.

Promotional image for Focus on the Family broadcast Pouring Into the Lives of Your Grandkids

Pouring Into the Lives of Your Grandkids

Grandparents are an integral part of the family, passing along wisdom, faith, and love. While many of the “rules” of grandparenting are timeless, some of the games have changed. Chrys Howard and Shellie Tomlinson will help you better understand the unique role you have in supporting your adult children and influencing your grandchildren.

The Role of Grandparents: Valuing Our Grandchilren's Thoughts

Valuing Grandchildren’s Thoughts

As grandparents, we can learn to value our grandchildren’s thoughts. In doing so, we can guide their thoughts to lead to healthy lives.

Role of Grandparents: Listening and Communication

How Grandparents Can Listen and Communicate

As soon as grandkids are old enough to talk, they begin asking questions. The role of grandparents depends on learning to listen and communicate.

Focus on the Family Broadcast

Rocking Your Grandparenting Years

Chrys Howard offers grandparents encouragement and advice in a discussion based on her book Rockstar Grandparent: How You Can Lead the Way, Light the Road, and Launch a Legacy. Topics include developing a thriving relationship with your grandchildren, drawing healthy boundaries with their parents, focusing on your marriage, and pursuing dreams with your spouse.