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Dave and Ashley Willis

Dave and Ashley Willis spent 13 years in full-time church ministry before joining the XO Marriage team to build stronger, Christ-centered marriages. Dave and Ashley host The Naked Marriage Podcast and regularly create new marriage resources.  They have authored several books, including Naked and Healthy: Uncover the Lifestyle Your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Marriage Need. Dave and Ashley have been married for over 20 years, have four sons and live near Augusta, GA. Learn more about the Willises at

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Being Completely Transparent With Your Spouse

Marriage coaches Dave and Ashley Willis encourage couples to be completely open and honest with their spouse about ‘private’ struggles they may face, like depression or a secret addiction. They assert that transparency leads to a better marital relationship, and a better chance at healing!

Nothing To Hide

How to Practice Total Honesty in Marriage

Practicing complete honesty in marriage and having nothing to hide isn’t as scary as you think. Being transparent can transform your marriage.

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Taking a Health Journey With Your Spouse

Dave and Ashley Willis offer tips for you and your spouse to get healthy—mind, body, and spirit. With personal stories about Ashley’s journey through anxiety and depression and Dave’s health issues, you’ll see how your overall well-being affects your relationship.

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Practical Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

In a discussion based on their book 7 Days to a Stronger Marriage, Dave and Ashley Willis offer couples practical advice for increasing their marital satisfaction by improving their communication, trust, sexual intimacy, commitment, and more.

The Thing We Learned About Marriage from the Cable Guy

Many marriages operate like a cable company. They give the best of themselves initially, but that royal treatment doesn’t last long. Here’s a tip on how to keep from taking your spouse for granted.