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Janine Petry

Janine Petry is wife to one remarkable husband, homeschool mom to four precious kids, and caretaker of one resilient aloe plant.

Janine’s served as a writer and editor in Christian publishing for more than 10 years. She’s worked on the staffs of several Christianity Today International (CTI) magazines, including Today’s Christian Woman and Virtue, and as the assistant editor of Marriage Partnership magazine. Janine’s also been a columnist for the Women’s Connection and MomSense e-newsletters.

family celebrating the new year

3 Ways to Keep the Best New Year’s Resolution for your Kids

Need a New Year’s resolution your kids can keep? This year, resolve to intentionally listen for God’s voice in Scripture and respond to Him.

mom, dad and daughter studying the bible together

How to Read the Bible — as a Family

One activity that doesn’t naturally rise to the top in most homes is reading the Bible together. Here is an idea for how to find the time for this activity.

The Gift of a Family: Together at Last

Making Christmas real for a newly adopted child.

Illustration of mad husband hearing his wife make an insulting comment about him to someone she’s talking with on the phone

When You Have a Great One-Liner

Showing disrespect has become a modern marriage pastime. We laugh as our favorite on-screen wives make fools out of their husbands. Watch out or you’ll be in danger of picking up that unhealthy habit.

The Gift of Grace

If we want our marriage partnership to be beautiful, meaningful and lasting, then we ought to be living out God’s grace by extending it. And that means building each other up one word at a time.

Choose Wisely… Words Matter

In marriage and other relationships, words are powerful. Search for those words that will carry beauty into your home and your heart.

Improve Your Marriage Through Thankfulness

A genuine spirit of thankfulness is more than politeness, good manners or an attempt to muster positive feelings. It flows deep from the heart and can continually refresh your marriage relationship.