Jeff Olson

Jeff Olson

Jeff is a licensed professional counselor and Hope Restored intensive therapist in Michigan. He received a MA in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. Before joining the Hope Restored team, he maintained a private counseling practice for 27 years. He has worked as a writer and editor for Our Daily Bread Ministries. Jeff and his wife Diane have been married over 30 years and have two daughters.

Forgiveness and Marital Distress

During this unusual season of “quarantine fatigue” unresolved issues around forgiveness may rush to the surface.

4 Unhelp Questions for Struggling Couples to Avoid

4 Unhelpful Questions for Struggling Couples to Avoid

As you struggle to hold your marriage together and consider attending a Hope Restored marriage intensive, it might be helpful to think about damage control.

Upset middle age black couple sitting in their living room. He's talking to her, she's looking past him, avoiding his gaze

Caring About Your Spouse While You Quarantine

Experiencing marital struggles is normal. Every couple does. What makes you and your spouse different is that you sought help—and that takes courage. You’re reading this article because you signed up for a Hope Restored Marriage Intensive. We applaud y …

taking care of yourself sad wife

Taking Care of Yourself to Save Your Marriage While in Quarantine

Extra time together can be extra stressful if you’re not used to spending extended time with your spouse. What can you do to take care for yourself and help your marriage?