Jodie Berndt

Jodie Berndt is a public speaker, a Bible teacher, and the the author of nine books, including the best-selling Praying the Scriptures series which helps parents pray more effectively for their children. The series includes Praying the Scriptures for Your Children, Praying the Scriptures for Your Teens and Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children. She and her husband, Robert, have four grown children. Find out more about Jodie at her blog and website,

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How Prayer Can Help You Set Boundaries with Adult Children

If your child recently moved out of the house or got married, you may be trying to navigate this new season of your relationship. John and Danny discuss ways to set healthy boundaries with your adult child.

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Parental Expectations and Agendas

Every mom and dad wants to see your child grow up to be successful. But, what do you do when your son or daughter doesn’t listen? John and Danny offer encouragement for parents whose child has gone astray.

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Do You Trust God for Your Adult Child’s Future?

Every parent wants their children to make good choices. John and Danny discuss the importance of healthy consequences whenever your teenager or adult child makes a bad choice.

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Trusting God with Your Adult Child, Part 2

Sometimes when you’re praying for your kids, you might find yourself telling God exactly how He should handle each situation, but John and Danny explain how prayers for your kids should be about God shaping them the way he wants.

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Trusting God with Your Adult Child, Part 1

Parents often play whack-a-mole. They help their teens or adult children through one problem and another pops up. John and Danny provide hope and encouragement for the whack-a-mole parent.

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Trusting God With Your Adult Child

On this Best of 2019 broadcast, author Jodie Berndt offers encouragement to parents who worry about their adult child and guidance for how they can entrust their child to God through prayer.

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How to Trust God With Your Adult Children

What do you do when your adult children don’t make the choices you wish they had? Get insight into how to trust God with your adult kids.