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Julie Holmquist

Julie Holmquist is a content producer for the Focus on the Family marriage team. She’s been married to her husband, Jeff, since 1986 and is also the author of A Call to Love: Preparing Your Heart and Soul for Adoption.


Can Summer Vacations Fix Marriage Problems?

Thinking that summertime fun will fix your marriage problems is unrealistic. But you can use the optimism of the season to improve your relationship.

Prayers for marriage restoration. A man and woman's prayers for marriage restoration have paid off. They smile and hold their wedding bands together as if they are interlocked.

4 Healing Prayers for Marriage Restoration

If your marriage is in trouble, you can cry out to God with these prayers for marriage restoration. Remember that nothing is too hard for God.

Uncommon Evangelism - Tony and Lauren Dungy pose for a photo in front of a fountain

Uncommon Evangelism

How Lauren and Tony Dungy use every opportunity to share the Gospel


How to Be Content as a Couple at Christmas

One awful eve of envy helped me learn how to be content at Christmas instead of creating conflict in my marriage. Here’s what I learned.


Trying to Get Pregnant? Do’s and Don’ts for Couples

If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s important to be aware of the potential pitfalls to your relationship if the process takes a while.


When Your Spouse Has a Terminal Illness

When you learn your spouse has a terminal illness, everything changes in an instant. What’s important to know as you begin this hard journey?


Relationship Rituals: 20 Ideas for Staying Connected to Your Spouse

Relationship rituals strengthen a marriage if they’re meaningful to both spouses. Check out these ideas to build connection in your marriage.


Lauren and Tony Dungy: Keys to Great Teamwork in Marriage

Lauren and Tony Dungy share tips for building great teamwork and a marriage with SOUL — selflessness, ownership, unity and a larger purpose.


Find Your Hot-Button Issues to Improve Your Marriage

Couples often unknowingly push each other’s hot-button issues and cause frustrating arguments. Learn how you can stop this reactive cycle.


Wife Unhappy With Spiritual Leadership: A Guide for Mentors

The topics of spiritual leadership and spiritual intimacy are a common source of conflict in marriage. What advice should a mentor offer?


5 Ways to Say Happy Father’s Day to Your Husband

This year, say happy Father’s Day to your husband with Scripture and a special thank-you message for all he does as a dad.


My Spouse Disagrees With My Dream: A Guide for Mentors

When one spouse wants to pursue their dream, but the other disagrees, what can they do? You can help them find a win-win solution.


Wife Wants Better Communication in Marriage: A Guide for Mentors

When talk between spouses seems shallow to them, what’s missing? How can you help a couple have better communication in marriage?


‘One Another’ Marriage Devotional: Love One Another

Sometimes we forget that Jesus’ command to “love one another” includes our spouse. But remember, God sees how you love your husband or wife.


‘One Another’ Marriage Devotional: Do Not Lie to One Another

“Do not lie to one another” means we must also avoid lies of omission. Have you been leaving out facts or hiding anything from your spouse lately?


Trauma in Relationships: Military Couple Thankful to God

A Naval Corpsman’s injury in Afghanistan changed his career and his marriage. But God used the trauma for good.


My Wife Constantly Criticizes Me: A Guide for Mentors

When a husband says, “My wife constantly criticizes me,” what do you do? Help him deal with the issue using these tips.


Too Busy to Connect With Your Spouse: A Guide for Mentors

Many spouses are too busy to connect with each other. Here’s how you can help a couple dealing with this common marriage problem.


When a Wife or Husband Feels Neglected: A Guide for Mentors

If a wife or husband feels neglected by their spouse or out of touch with them and tells you about it, how can you help? Use this guide.


‘One Another’ Marriage Devotional: Encourage One Another

Satan wants to keep you isolated from other Christians so you don’t encourage one another. But fellowship can strengthen your marriage.


Is It Emotional Abuse in Marriage or Just a Bad Fight?

Are you concerned that a spouse is being emotionally abused in their marriage? Find out which behavior patterns signal abuse.

Married couple-looking-unhappy-with-each-other-with-arms-folded

‘One Another’ Marriage Devotional: Do Not Grumble Against One Another

You just had to vent a little. At least that’s what you told yourself. How bad could a bit of grumbling really be?


‘One Another’ Marriage Devotional: Wash One Another’s Feet

In marriage, we have ample opportunities to “wash one another’s feet” without actually touching the tootsies.


Helping the Spouse of an Addict: Do’s and Don’ts

Loving an addict isn’t easy. If the spouse of an addict shares their dilemma with you, what’s the best way to help?


Is My Spouse Controlling or Just Caring?

Does someone you know wonder if they have a controlling spouse? Help them sort through their concerns by looking at characteristics of a controlling spouse and a caring spouse.


How to Comfort Someone Over Text

With a simple text, you can comfort someone and pass along powerful encouragement, just as the apostle Paul did in his letters.

husband comforts and defends upset wife

How to Defend and Stand up for Your Spouse

Will Smith’s desire to stand up for his wife raises the question: What’s the best way to defend your spouse?


3 Myths About Mentoring

What does it really take to mentor other couples? Longtime marriage mentors dispel three misconceptions.


How to Rekindle a Relationship with Your Spouse

As Christians, we know that staying close to Jesus requires time and effort. So why do we think we can take our spouse for granted? Try these four ways to rekindle your relationship.

Couple-paddling-hard-in-a-kayak-with-churning water

How to Stay Married When Life Is Tough: Keep Paddling

Facing tough times is like paddling a kayak against a strong ocean gale. How do you stay married when life threatens to swamp your relationship?


In-N-Out Burger Owner and Husband Grateful to Be Serving God Together

Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson and her husband, Sean, share how thankful they are for God’s grace and the joy of doing ministry together.


What’s the Best Marriage Advice for the First Year of Marriage?

What will help you navigate your first year together? Two young couples reveal the marriage advice they wish they’d known before the wedding.


How to Write a Love Letter

Surprise your spouse with an old-school love letter — and deepen your connection.

A man puts a ring on the finger of his new bride. Going from partners living together to a married couple has given them trust, strength and hope in their relationship.

Living Together but Not Married? Consider the Power of the Vow

A marriage vow is a special and powerful promise — and we need it for many reasons. If you’re living together but you’re not married yet, consider the power of the vow.


How to Stop Complaining and Be an Encouraging Spouse

If you want a joyful heart but find yourself complaining to your spouse, take action. These simple practices can show you how to stop complaining.

Husband and wife hugging near new home

A Big Wedding Day, A Big House or a Marriage That Lasts a Lifetime?

Should couples invest the most resources in a dream wedding day, a dream house or a dream relationship — one that lasts for a lifetime?

Getting the Help You Need as an Adoptive Parent

If you feel worn out or overwhelmed as an adoptive parent, it helps to care for yourself, find support … and remember why you adopted.

Busy mother organizing children at breakfast in kitchen

God Builds Your Faith as You Adopt

How one family came to recognize God’s faithfulness as He provided for them at each step of their adoption journey.

Facing Your Fears as You Accept the Call to Adopt

Fear almost stopped me from obeying what God had called us to do. As we read the profiles of various foster children, we learned about some of the abuse, indignities, neglect and lack of stability these kids had faced. Were we really ready?

Preparing Your Heart and Soul for Adoption

I expected that our love and knowledge as parents could help heal every wound our adopted children might have, but my expectation was not fulfilled. And I’m not the only adoptive parent who has been taken by surprise.

No More Waiting

Bill and Kim dismissed various “nudges” to consider adoption until one Sunday when their pastor mentioned an event called Wait No More, an event for anyone exploring adoption from foster care.

Adoptive Family: When Daniel Doubted

Helping my son recognize the schemes of the Enemy.