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Julie Holmquist

Julie Holmquist is a writer and editor in Focus on the Family’s book publishing department.

Getting the Help You Need as an Adoptive Parent

If you feel worn out or overwhelmed as an adoptive parent, it helps to care for yourself, find support … and remember why you adopted.

God Builds Your Faith as You Adopt

How one family came to recognize God’s faithfulness as He provided for them at each step of their adoption journey.

Facing Your Fears as You Accept the Call to Adopt

Fear almost stopped me from obeying what God had called us to do. As we read the profiles of various foster children, we learned about some of the abuse, indignities, neglect and lack of stability these kids had faced. Were we really ready?

Preparing Your Heart and Soul for Adoption

I expected that our love and knowledge as parents could help heal every wound our adopted children might have, but my expectation was not fulfilled. And I’m not the only adoptive parent who has been taken by surprise.

No More Waiting

Bill and Kim dismissed various “nudges” to consider adoption until one Sunday when their pastor mentioned an event called Wait No More, an event for anyone exploring adoption from foster care.

Adoptive Family: When Daniel Doubted

Helping my son recognize the schemes of the Enemy.

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