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Kari Stewart headshot

Kari Stewart

Kari is the Missions Pastor at Timberline Church overseeing Global, National and Local Missions for all of their campuses.  She and her husband, Jeff have been married for 40 years and have 9 children and 7 grandchildren.  As a preachers kid she had the opportunity to have missionaries in her home sharing stories and pictures of orphans that they served.  It was then that God planted a seed of being an advocate for the fatherless. God opened the door for them to adopt six of their nine children from the U.S., China, Korea, Haiti and Hong Kong.  She is a founding member of a non-profit in Northern Colorado, SERVE 6.8 that focuses on empowering and equipping the church to care for those in need in their community and sits on several boards that focus on serving foster, adoptive and kinship families locally and family preservation models globally.

God's gifts

God’s Gifts This Season

As Christmas approaches, I have been thinking about the gifts God has given me this year. As with you, I received some gifts that I wouldn’t have asked for and didn’t want to open. However, it is a comfort that I don’t have to understand everything in …

Family Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Memories

When I was asked as an adoptive mother and foster-care advocate to reflect this season on what it means to be thankful, I had to look up the meaning of thankful. According to Websters Dictionary, it states, conscious of benefit received, expressive of …