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Laurie Winslow Sargent

What Contributes to Personality Clashes

Not all personality clashes result from opposite personalities between parent and child. Here are other factors to consider.

Determining Your Child’s Personality Type

Take this quiz to help you recognize which of the four commonly recognized personality types best described your child.

When Personality Differences Lead to Difficulties

Understanding how personality differences may cause you to be irritated with your child can go a long way in helping you overcome frustration and effectively correct your child.

Tips for Dealing With Personality Clashes

Here are seven ideas for keeping the right perspective, even when your child is driving you nuts.

Understanding Your Child’s Personality Traits

Some of your child’s behavior and activities are connected with personality traits while others have developed to cope with expectations. Ask yourself these questions to discern which come most naturally to your child.

Your Child’s Personality

Becoming familiar with your child’s personality will go a long way toward helping you understand why your child acts the way she does.

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