Marianne K. Hering

Marianne K. Hering

Marianne Hering is the co-creator of “The Imagination Station” book series and a senior associate editor
of Focus on the Family magazine.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff: Better Together

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff want to create a Christ-centered marriage that can go the distance, so they intentionally pursue togetherness daily.

A photograph of Morgan Weistling smiling with a paintbrush in his hand in front of his painting “Sharing the Light”

Morgan Weistling: Painting for the Master

How Morgan Weistling went from serving himself to serving God through his art

The Power of Teachable Moments

Enlighten your children about God in a way that captures their attention and changes their lives.

Couple in kitchen, facing each other and touching foreheads

Faith Conversation: Love Endures

What type of love legacy you will leave behind? This couples devotion will help you learn to invest in your spouse’s welfare through unwavering love, cheering encouragement and never-failing support.

Marriage as an Adventure: How to Become Love

In their years of marriage, Bob and Maria Goff have teased out a few principles that have allowed their love to grow. “Love isn’t something you fall into,” Bob says. “It’s someone you become.”


How Jeremy and Adrienne Camp Live in Harmony

Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp, and his wife, Adrienne, find ways to stay united even when they’re miles apart. Knowing that each day is a gift from God, they strive to be best friends.

From Disharmony to Making Beautiful Music: Ron and Opal Erickson

Even with their marriage on the brink of divorce, God softened Ron’s and Opal’s hearts, giving them a hope that shone brightly enough to lead them on a path to restoration.

Jay and Katherine Wolf: A Beautiful Life

Jay and Katherine Wolf’s picture of marriage radically changed from the one they imagined. Katherine had a massive brain stem stroke. She was just 26. When she woke from her coma, her right side was paralyzed, and she couldn’t swallow, speak or walk.

Young child flexing muscles and holding a glass of milk

Why Kids Need Healthy Fats

Even when you need to cut fat from your diet, you may want to increase healthy fats in your child’s diet. Learn why.

Why Your Child Needs Water

Dehydration can be a serious problem for children, especially when they don’t recognize that they need more liquids.