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Mary J. Yerkes

Story: A Journey Through Chronic Illness

One woman struggles to adjust to life with chronic illness. God comforts her through His Word, rich friendships, and opens surprising new doors for ministry.

Understanding Emotional Abuse

By reading this article series, we hope you will learn to listen to your friends’, neighbors’, relatives’–or maybe even your own–waspish, hurtful words.

Tips and Tools for Healthy Conflict Resolution

Conflict is everywhere—in your home, workplace, church and community. Your response could make or break the relationship.

Unresolved Conflict: Next Steps

Despite diligent prayer, careful planning and a humble spirit, attempts at conflict resolution rarely go as planned.

Workplace Conflict: One Woman’s Story

Sleepless nights, headaches, stomach pain can all result from unresolved conflicts at work.

Two men sitting down, the younger one expressing disagreement to the older man

Conflict Resolution

Part of the A Biblical Guide to Resolving Conflict Series Conflict Resolution Tips and Tools for Healthy Conflict Resolution Family Ties: When Conflict Strikes Close to Home Destructive Conflict: Recognize It. Stop It. Workplace Conflict: One Woman’s S …

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Destructive Conflict: Recognize It. Stop It.

Where there is destructive conflict, you will often find cruelty, neglect, deception, control, indifference and even abuse.

Family Ties: When Conflict Strikes Close to Home

Domineering in-laws, wayward teens or jealous stepchildren can turn any happy home into a war zone.

Woman coping with an emotionally abusive marriage

Healing the Emotionally Abusive Marriage

Emotional abuse within marriage is never God’s will. It is possible to break the cycle of abuse within your marriage and to experience God’s restoration.

Jennifer’s Recovery From Emotional Abuse

Read one woman’s story of emotional abuse and its effect on her life. Learn how the love of God brought hope and healing.

A man standing in his bedroom, gripping his lower back in pain

Living With Chronic Pain and Illness

Chronic illnesses cause profound physical, emotional, relational and spiritual pain. Discover the keys to living well with a chronic illness.

Ministering Effectively to the Chronically Ill

Experts encourage churches and individuals to listen and give the “gift of presence” to the chronically ill. Learn what to say to help.

Remaining Positive When Facing a Chronic Illness

Rebuilding your life with chronic illness begins by seeking God, forgiving others, eliminating toxic relationships, taking risks, identifying your talents and sharing them with others.

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When We Suffer: A Biblical Perspective on Chronic Pain and Illness

Why we suffer may always remain a mystery on this side of eternity. We can, however, glean certain truths from God’s Word.

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Healing the Wounds of Emotional Abuse

Learn how to heal the wounds of emotional abuse. Experts offer biblical principles and practical tips for healing.

Adjusting to Life With Chronic Illness

Chronic illness experts, professional grief counselors, and mental health specialists offer practical tips, helpful resources and general principles to help navigate life with chronic illness.

Emotional Abuse in the Local Church

Is your church a safe place for victims of emotional abuse? Learn how to offer, hope, help, and healing to abuse victims and their abusers

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FAQs About Emotional Abuse

Is emotional abuse slowly eroding you or someone you know? Learn about its destructive nature and how to find hope and healing.