Matt Kaufman

Matt Kaufman is a contributing editor for Citizen magazine.

Tyrone Flowers Wanted Revenge, But Found Purpose Instead

He spent his childhood without parents, bouncing between foster homes and reform school. And when a teammate’s bullet took away his future in sports, Tyrone Flowers found himself asking, “Why me?‚”

Students Bear Silent Witness to Life

On the third Tuesday in October, pro-life students observe a vow of silence to stand with the millions of children who’ve fallen victim to abortion.

Adoption in the Empty-Nest Years

Cal and Terrie Morrow thought they were done raising children — until they met Abbey.

Forced Labor: The Other Type of Human Trafficking

We hear a lot about sex trafficking these days, but labor trafficking is another widespread form of modern-day slavery in America.

Pro-Life Event is a Call to Commitment

“In the Western church, we’re all about comfort,‚” says Focus on the Family President Jim Daly. But, he added – citing the words of Bible historian Ray Vander Laan – “The Lord Jesus Christ is not about our comfort. He’s all about your commitment.‚” Tha …

To Be Pro-Life is to Help Families

“Serving a family who’s having difficulties – a battle is raging in their home – is kind of messy. It’s not clean, it’s not nice, it’s not sweet. There’s [no] cinnamon fragrance going on in their home. … But they need you to come alongside them, to h …

Focus on the Family

What is the Root Issue of the Pro-Life Movement?

“When we think of what it means to be a pro-life people, we can pass legislation – and we must. We can devise campaigns about the dignity of life – and we must. We can organize each other to march for the sanctity of every human life – and we must. But …

Squelching the Slave Trade

In South Dakota, a pro-family group is helping to lead the effort against human trafficking.

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