Matt Kaufman

Matt Kaufman is a contributing editor for Citizen magazine.

Pregnant woman

Alternatives to Abortion: Pregnancy Resource Centers

If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy, you should know that pregnancy resource centers are devoted to offering women alternatives to abortion, helping them make informed choices and providing a range of services to support them throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

Ill or injured boy lying in his bed being presented with an award certificate by a uniformed official clapping his hands

Cori Salchert: Hospice Children In Loving Arms

A former hospice nurse found her calling in caring for “the least of these”

Tyrone Flowers Wanted Revenge, But Found Purpose Instead

He spent his childhood without parents, bouncing between foster homes and reform school. And when a teammate’s bullet took away his future in sports, Tyrone Flowers found himself asking, “Why me?‚”

Students Bear Silent Witness to Life

On the third Tuesday in October, pro-life students observe a vow of silence to stand with the millions of children who’ve fallen victim to abortion.

Adoption in the Empty-Nest Years

Cal and Terrie Morrow thought they were done raising children — until they met Abbey.

Forced Labor: The Other Type of Human Trafficking

We hear a lot about sex trafficking these days, but labor trafficking is another widespread form of modern-day slavery in America.

A woman reads the Bible with her child, knowing that pro-life events are a call to action.

To Be Pro-Life is to Help Families

“Serving a family who’s having difficulties – a battle is raging in their home – is kind of messy. It’s not clean, it’s not nice, it’s not sweet. There’s [no] cinnamon fragrance going on in their home. … But they need you to come alongside them, to h …

What is the Root Issue of the Pro-Life Movement?

“When we think of what it means to be a pro-life people, we can pass legislation – and we must. We can devise campaigns about the dignity of life – and we must. We can organize each other to march for the sanctity of every human life – and we must. But …

Squelching the Slave Trade

In South Dakota, a pro-family group is helping to lead the effort against human trafficking.