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Phillip J. Swihart

What If We Don’t Like the Same Church?

Most couples, if they’re seeking to please God, do eventually find a church where both spouses are satisfied. You can, too.

A man hands a bouquet of flowers to his wife.

Viewing Your Wife in a New Light

After the wedding, it’s common to view your spouse in a new, perhaps disappointing light. Here’s what you can do about it.

In-Law Relationships

In This Series: 1. In-Law Relationships 2. Myths and Realities of Extended Families 3. How Your Relationship with Your In-Laws Impacts Your Marriage 4. Getting Along With Your In-Laws 5. What if an In-Law Doesn’t Accept Me? 6. What If an In-Law Tries t …

Why Isn’t My Wife the Person I Thought She Was?

Now that the wedding’s over, your spouse seems different. Are you wondering what happened to the person you used to know?