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Rhonda Robinson

Rhonda Robinson is a Content Producer for Focus on the Family, an award winning author, mother of nine, and grandmother of 35. Rhonda married her high school sweetheart, now, they are trying to adjust to an empty nest in Colorado Springs.

Two little girls watching Disney+

Disney Warns Parents to Put Parental Controls on Disney+

This Disney mom has had enough.

taming your wild child little girl with her arms up in the air and sun glasses

The Secret Sauce to Tame Your Wild Child

Having a wild child can bring the eyes of judgment in every aisle of the grocery store. More discipline is not always the best answer. Explore how love, respect, grace, and forgiveness can equip you as you respond to your wild child.

boys emotions. sad young boy sitting in a window

Navigating the Depth of Boys’ Emotions

Teaching boys to embrace, and name their emotions, is an important part of raising godly young men.

A social contagion like rapid onset gender dysphoria can affect teenaged girls like this dark haired teenager sadly looking at her phone late at night on her bed

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: A Social Contagion?

Have you ever noticed how societal trends can influence the personal identities of an entire generation?

Bible verses offer solace for parents facing depression. Young woman kissing her newborn baby girl.

Bible Verses for Depression: A Parent’s Guide

There is power in verses of the Bible that speak to depression.

responsible kid feeding her dog

4 Essential Parenting Tips to Raising Responsible Kids

There’s no magic formula to raising children. There are, however, time tested principles.

disciplining children, young girl with a big hugging her mother

How Disciplining Children Creates Happy Childhoods

These simple ways of disciplining your children enables other adults to see past your children’s behavior and enrich their lives.

Raising little boys is different than raising girls. Little boy about two years old sitting on a deck playing with his toy car.

Raising Little Boys

It didn’t take me long to see my little boy acted differently than his five big sisters.

a pregnant teenager, young girl holding a pregnancy test in one hand, her other hand is over her mouth in fear of the results.

Loving Your Pregnant Teenager

Parenting your pregnant teen is a whole new level of motherhood. It can also be a deepening of your relationship.

guiding boys. young man walking alone on a log over a swift river

Quenching the Thirst: Guiding Boys to True Satisfaction

Understanding the aspirations, fears, and dreams of boys is paramount in our society today.

mother and daughter having a tea party to talk about her daughter's first period as her mother prepares her girl for womanhood.

Preparing Our Daughters for Womanhood

In today’s world filled with social media and outside influences, mothers often struggle to connect with their daughters as they enter the confusing preteen and teen years.

raising boys into godly men takes a father like this one loving his son into manhood

Raising Godly Men Out of a Toxic Culture

In spite of the conflicting messages our boys are getting about masculinity, you can raise your son to be a godly man.

mother and adult daughter discussing deconstructing Christainity

What Do You Do When Your Child Loses Faith in God?

When adult children deconstruct their Christianity, it can lead to isolation and self-centeredness as they prioritize their desires or preferences over their family.

Coping with Christmas, young woman sitting on her bed with Christmas lights around her dealing with grief

Coping With Christmas After Losing a Child

Dreading the holidays after losing a child is normal.

Grandparenting: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

We are instructed to teach our grandchildren what God has done in our lives. He has entrusted us with leaving a spiritual legacy for them.