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Sex Education: How to Start Early

Sex education can be intimidating. Yet, God created sex. Find more ways to teach healthy sexuality to your children.

Beating the Odds: 10 indicators your marriage will survive porn addiction

Ultimately, pornography addicts are dependent on God for recovery. But certain patterns lead to healing, and others result in heartbreak.

8 Warning Signs That Your Fiance Is Addicted to Pornography

Most spouses have no idea the person they married was addicted to pornography before marriage. In almost every case there were red flags the fiances could have seen if they’d known what to look for.

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Talking About Sensitive Issues

Talking about sensitive issues isn’t easy, but it can make your marriage the vehicle that drives both of you closer to God.

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What If an In-Law Tries to Run Our Lives?

Relating to a controlling in-law is one of the trickiest problems a marriage can face.

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Helping Your Spouse Grow Spiritually

What can you do when you and your spouse don’t have the same level of spiritual maturity or interest?

Advice for Parents of Teen Porn Addicts

When faced with their teen’s struggle, most parents don’t know where to begin to get the helps he or she needs.

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Understanding sexual development and integrity for children ages 13-18

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Understanding sexual development and integrity for children ages 9-12

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Understanding sexual development and integrity for children ages 5-8

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Understanding sexual development and integrity for children ages 0-3

Modeling Healthy Behavior

Modeling Healthy Behavior

One of the most overlooked aspects of parenting is that children learn more from what we do than from our words. Even before the culture and its legion of challenges reach our children, the culture of our home is apparent. It has been said that “childr …

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Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality

Gone are the days when parents can talk superficially about “the birds and bees” and expect their children to turn out OK. Our hyper-sexualized culture now reaches into more than 60 percent of American homes via the InternetThe UCLA Internet Report – ” …

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Preventing Future Pornography Use

Restoring your teen after porn use

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The Sexual-Spiritual Union of a Man and Woman

A good marriage is a mystery on many different levels.

Healthy Childhood Sexual Development

This four-part series is designed to help you chart a course that will nurture and fortify your child’s sexual development.