Rod Gragg

Author and historian Rod Gragg has written more than 20 books on topics in American history and other subjects. His books include the award-winning Covered With Glory, about the battle of Gettysburg, and My Brother’s Keeper, highlighting those who protected Jewish people during the Holocaust. Rod has been a frequent speaker at venues around the nation and a guest commentator on major media programs including Fox and Friends and Morning Joe. He and his wife reside in South Carolina and have seven grown children and nine grandchildren.

Focus on the Family Broadcast

The Heroic Heart of the Pilgrims

Historian Rod Gragg shares the heroic story of the Pilgrims’ journey from England to the New World as they fled religious persecution and faced harsh conditions that led to disease and death. Our guest also recounts how the Plymouth Colony survived with the help of Native Americans and how the Mayflower Compact played a role in the foundation of American government.

The Role of Faith in America’s Founding

Historian Rod Gragg describes the spiritual foundation that established the creation of our nation in a discussion based on his book Forged in Faith. He shares fascinating stories to help listeners better understand their history and the state of the country today.