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Ryan Frederick

Ryan and Selena Frederick created in 2013 when they felt God calling them to share, with total transparency, the struggles He had helped them overcome. Since then, Fierce Marriage has grown into a thriving online community with hundreds of thousands of readers each month, with the simple mission of pointing couples to Christ and commissioning marriages for the Gospel.

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Loving Your Wife With Your Words

Ryan Frederick helps you as a husband learn how to better love your wife in the way you speak with her. From seemingly small efforts like thinking before you respond and asking insightful questions to building a shared language, you’ll pick up some great tips on how to better communicate for a stronger bond with your wife.

photo of man and woman under blankets in bed. they smile and snuggle intimately because they have a perspective of sex that is healthy.

5 Keys to a Healthy Perspective on Sex

Proverbs 5 is devoted to outlining a healthy perspective of sex and showing how sex is a gift intended for marriage alone. Here are five takeaways that will help you maintain a healthy perspective on sex.

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The Difference Jesus Makes in Your Marriage

How can you and your spouse make it through the stormy seasons of life? As you’ll learn from Greg, Erin and John, God’s love can sustain your marriage no matter what you face.

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Building Your Marriage on God’s Love

God’s love for you is a covenant that cannot be broken. When you and your spouse submit your relationship to the Lord, His strength can carry you through any challenge. John, Erin and Greg discuss the difference that a covenant perspective makes in marriage, and things they won’t say to each other.

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Dealing with a Crisis in Your Marriage

No couple wants to face a health challenge or a financial scare. But, a crisis can bring you and your spouse closer together. John, Greg and Erin provide some helpful ideas for couples who are struggling with a chronic illness or a long-term challenge.

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Overcoming Early Conflict in Marriage

Marriage is an amazing journey, but it also reveals some of our most selfish attitudes. John, Greg and Erin give helpful tips for overcoming conflict between you and your spouse.