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Sandra Lundberg

When Children Have Been Abused

Keys for offering the healing experience of meeting your adopted child’s needs, if they’ve been abused.

Disciplining Adopted Children

Understanding the reasons for your child’s behavior and responses is important, but the truth is that some adoptive parents may never know the full extent of their child’s underlying problems for a number of reasons.

Unique Challenges

Children who are adopted when they’re older or who have more complicated histories are not likely to respond well to some traditional discipline methods.

Healthy Discipline for Adopted Children

When you discipline your adopted child, you need to consider her chronological age as well as her emotional age.

Focus on the Family

Why Does My Spouse Spend So Much?

Like many young couples, Graham and Anna had very different ideas about spending and how much things should cost.

frustrated wife husband talking to mother in law

Cutting Your Spouse’s Apron Strings

Maintaining relationships with our parents is usually beneficial, but problems arise if certain factors are present.