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Scott and Bethany Palmer

Scott and Bethany Palmer have more than 20 years of financial planning experience. They are authors of several books and appear regularly on TV and radio to speak on topics like love and money. The Palmers reside in Colorado and have two sons. Learn more about Scott and Bethany at their website,

3 Steps to Stop Bankruptcy from Bankrupting Your Marriage

You may feel bankrupt – but that’s only a description of your finances, not your marriage. By supporting each other, you can get out of debt, regain financial control and grow closer as a couple.

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Your Christmas Money Plan

For so many couples, Christmas and the gift-giving experience can move from feelings of anticipation to disappointment. The Palmers share ways to turn frustrating exchanges into opportunities.

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How to Plan Your Vacation and Improve Your Marriage

What if planning your summer vacation had a bonus? What if planning your time away could strengthen your marriage? Here are three tips to build your marriage as you plan your vacation.

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Managing Your Finances At Christmastime

Financial experts Scott and Bethany Palmer discuss how couples can communicate openly about their holiday budget while navigating Christmastime expenses, gift giving, expectations and feelings of entitlement in their kids.