Sharri Black

Sharri Lynn Black, LMSW is no stranger to adoption and foster care.  She was two years old when she first heard the word adoption and experienced it to mean being chosen and loved.  Two years later, she heard her own adoption story for the first time.  Over the past four decades, Sharri has held various positions in private and public child welfare – from case management to administration, on local, state and national levels.  Sharri and her husband Byron have been married for over 30 years, are the parents of four children-three of whom were adopted from foster care, and grandparents of seven.

adoptive parents praying

Adoptive Parent: The Blessing of the Hard

As an adoptive parent, have you ever had the fleeting thought that perhaps you didn’t hear God right? When you believed He called you to adopt, or that He made a mistake in calling you? Maybe you’ve expressed to God, a close friend, or even a therapist …