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Tiffany Stuart

Tiffany Stuart is married with two children and lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more info, visit

Intentionally Focusing on Your Teen

We can engage our teens by caring about what matters to them.

Six Ways to Build Your Teen’s Identity

Try these strategies to counteract culture by helping your teen develop a strong, positive identity.

Loving Your Teen Through Life’s Seasons

Recognizing your teen’s seasons of life and how to support them

Real Boundaries for Teens

How do you set effective boundaries that build character and establish a proper relationship with your teen?

Equipping Your Teen with Character

Even teens and tweens learn more by example than by teaching. Modeling proper virtues for your children is important.

a woman jumps into a man's arms as they unpack moving boxes.

Six-Month Security

Living together was a farce, a halfhearted commitment with a huge “Exit” sign looming over it.