Timothy L. Sanford, MA, LPC

Tim Sanford is a licensed professional counselor and the Clinical Director of Counseling Services for Focus on the Family’s counseling department. He is also a pastor, a public speaker and the author of several books, the most recent being Forgive for Real: Six Steps to Forgiving. Tim and his wife Becky have two grown daughters and reside in Colorado.

How to Develop a Resilient Mindset

Resilience isn’t merely surviving. And it’s not about denying the depth of pain and its ongoing impact. Instead, it’s about learning from and growing through adversity — about becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Mental Health During Coronavirus

How to Care for Your Mental Health During Coronavirus

With all the changes going on around you, you can help to support strong mental health during the coronavirus for yourself and those in your care.

Can Adults Really Have Attachment Disorder?Understanding Adult Attachment Disorder

While the journey toward healing may seem daunting, there are actions an adult with attachment disorder can take.

Teen boy with hat looking down

Parenting Reactive Children or Youth

Parenting reactive children or youth can be difficult but a technique known as Therapeutic Parenting can be helpful.

Sensory Processing Issues in a Child

Some children struggle to process sensory information that they see, hear, taste, feel or touch. They may also have difficulty with balance.

Parenting a Child With Attachment Issues

Any number of unforeseen circumstances may create a situation in which parent-child attachment is a challenge. In this article, parents can learn principles and strategies for encouraging attachment in a struggling child.

Dads are important to their daughters. Picture of dad sharing Bible with daughter

Importance of Fathers to Their Daughters

Fathers have an important role in their daughter’s lives. Here are some key insights to help dads be great.

Son hugging his dad

Attachment and Adoption

Adoption may create a situation in which parent-child attachment is a challenge. In this article, parents can learn some principles and strategies for encouraging attachment in an adopted child.

An Attitude of Gratitude: Going Beyond Please and Thank You

Are your children truly grateful for what they have? Here are ways parents can create a lasting attitude of gratitude in children.

Giving Your Preschooler a Good Foundation

Counselor and author Tim Sanford offers encouragement and advice to parents of preschoolers who feel a great deal of pressure and stress about ensuring their child’s future success. Focus on the Family broadcast producer Eva Daniel joins the conversation and shares her own insights as a parent in the midst of the preschool years.

A Real Job Description for Parents

Your kids will grow to be more healthy and resilient as you start parenting with a clear understanding of what your real job is.

Control Versus Responsibility

Understanding the differences between control, responsibility and liability — and how those nudge parents to try controlling teens.

What Makes It Hard to Do Your Job

Here are some factors that can make it tough to validate, nurture and keep your fingers off the “control” button.

Defining ‘Successful Parenting’

If every parent’s job is to make sure his or her children turn out “right,” it would mean God messed up.

Defining Success as a Parent

Get into the mind-set that everything you do as a parent ultimately is part of validating or nurturing your children.

Focus on the Family

How to Cope

Working through the pain and rediscovering joy

Focus on the Family

Two More Relational Styles: Grabbing and Folding

How control and responsibility affect the relationship between you and your teen.

The Real Job of Dads

A dad’s primary, underlying job isn’t control.

The Real Job of Moms

A mom’s primary job isn’t cooking dinner, changing diapers or helping a preschooler glue colored macaroni on a coffee can as a Father’s Day gift.

How Much Validation and Nurturing?

Every person needs both validation and nurture to fully develop into a healthy adult.

Letting Go of Your Teen

Your teen is separating from you; make this transition easier by understanding what’s yours to control and what isn’t.

Why Control Doesn’t Work

These two examples show why controlling parents aren’t effective when they interact with teens.

Two Relational Styles: Holding and Tossing

How control and responsibility affect the relationship between you and your teen.

Why Parents Want to Control Their Teens

Here are 5 things that make it hard for parents to give up trying to control their teens.

Focus on the Family

How to Influence Your Teen

These two examples show how an influencing parent should respond to a teen.

Do Your Children Understand Easter?

Give your child appreciation for Jesus Christ’s mission.

Focus on the Family

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