Walt and Barb Larimore

A nationally-recognized family physician practicing for more than 35 years, Dr. Walt Larimore spends much of his time seeing patients at Concentra Occupational Health and Urgent Care in Colorado Springs, Colo. He is an award-winning medical journalist and a best-selling author of numerous books. Formerly, Dr. Larimore served as Focus on the Family’s Vice President of Medical Outreach as well as the ministry’s Physician in Residence. Dr. Larimore and his wife, Barb, have co-authored a book, His Brain, Her Brain: How Divinely Designed Differences Can Strengthen Your Marriage. Learn more about Dr. Larimore by visiting his website,

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How Your Differences Strengthen Your Marriage

Family physician Dr. Walt Larimore and his wife, Barb, discuss how God designed the unique differences between men and women for our benefit, and how understanding and appreciating those differences can improve your marriage.