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Daughter Pregnant, Boyfriend Wants Abortion

mom comforting teen girl
What should I say to my daughter whose boyfriend is pressuring her to have an abortion after getting her pregnant? She's looking to me for support and guidance, but I'm so upset that I don't know what to tell her.



The first thing your daughter needs to know is that nobody can force her to have an abortion. Not even the father of her child. We can imagine that neither one of you wants to deal with an unplanned teen pregnancy, but the value of the human life your daughter is carrying is undeniable. So do whatever it takes to help her make the right choice.

More than anything else, your daughter needs your love, support, and encouragement

Let her know that you care about her and her baby. Tell her that you’re ready, willing, and available to walk alongside her. Help her weigh and balance her options as a pregnant teen.

Remind her that the life she’s carrying is precious. The Bible says that human beings are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27), and that the Creator personally knits each and every one of us together in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-16). Because of this, abortion is never an option, regardless of the circumstances of a child’s conception. It’s always the deliberate taking of innocent human life – a life that is loved and cherished by our heavenly Father.

Resources are available to guide your daughter through the difficult experience of teen pregnancy

Adoption is a choice that’s rarely discussed in the media and the public school system. If you and your daughter agree that she can’t care for the baby herself, remember that there are thousands of loving couples who are unable to have children of their own and who would love to adopt her child.

Would you let us discuss the possibility of adoption with you and your daughter? And our Counseling department maintains a list of residential accommodations for pregnant teens and can provide further personal assistance. Call us for a free over-the-phone consultation with one of our licensed Christian counselors.

More resources and referrals to local teen pregnancy centers can be found through OptionLine. And their phone counselors are available 24 hours a day at 1-800-395-HELP.



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